Style Tips For The Style Conscious Man

In recent years, men have become more style conscious than ever. There are just as many male style icons as there are women. Men’s fashion blogs and magazines have become much more in demand. Men everywhere are becoming more invested in their wardrobe and are seeking style tips so that they can keep up with their fashion icons. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially for older men. Here are some of the best tips when it comes to men’s style, which is equally popular to womens fashion, but often isn’t given the coverage it deserves. 


Mix And Match

Mixing and Matching your clothes can be a really good tip when it comes to men’s style. Buying a mens full tracksuit can be nice, but it does limit how much diversity you can have within your everyday outfits. Getting clothes that you can mix and match with each other is a great way to incorporate style into your everyday clothes. For example, getting some oxford shirts and trousers is a great way to look a bit different every day. Or having some different coloured hats you can add to an outfit can diversify your day to day look a little bit more. Investing in core pieces such as a blazer or denim jacket can help you mix and match your clothes a bit more. This way you can have an entirely stylish wardrobe as opposed to just a few nice outfits. 


Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look good, no matter how basic their clothes? This is because they tailor everything, from three piece suits to t-shirts. Getting clothes that fit your body well is a great way to increase your style potential. Ill-fitting clothes can make you look untidy. This is not a great thing if you want to look stylish. You want to look care-free, not careless. Picking outfits that fit you properly will instantly make you look a lot more stylish. You can get your clothes professionally altered, or learn sewing yourself to make sure your clothes fit you well. If this isn’t in your budget, there are many guides online to help you know what size of clothes you should be getting. 


Know Your Body Shape

Women are constantly told to dress for their body type, but this message is often neglected in men’s style. However, men also have different body types. The 5 men’s body types are rectangle, inverted triangle, trapezoid, triangle, and oval. Knowing your body type and picking clothes that suit this body shape is a really good way to look stylish. There are stylish celebrities that have all of these different body types, so you’ll have a lot of fashion inspiration when you figure out your body shape. Knowing what will make you look your best is a great way to build your confidence with your style and start building a wardrobe you will be happy with. 


Experiment With Colours

Unfortunately, a lot of men’s fashion in the past has favoured dull, neutral colours. This has made a lot of men uncomfortable with going outside of their comfort zone. But bright and powerful colours can make men really stand out and look stylish! For example, men’s streetwear icon Tyler, The Creator is known for the pastels, jewel tones and bright colours in his wardrobe. Colourful suits for men have become a really on-trend fashion moment. The Met Ball and the Grammy red carpets are often filled with stylish, colourful suits. Knowing your skin tone can help you decide which colours will really suit you. If you’d like to inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe, don’t hesitate! Get experimenting with your outfits and don’t be afraid to try something new- it might really suit you!


Brand Names Aren’t Everything

Unfortunately, a lot of people fall into the trap of buying big brand names without actually looking at the garment. Getting luxury designer items is nice, but it’s not so good if the clothes don’t really suit you or you don’t like them! Before you impulse buy a luxury item, really think to see if you actually want it. A brand item that doesn’t suit you or your style can actively make you look less stylish. Make sure you’re actually buying clothes you like and want to wear, not just because they have a cool logo on them. This will make your wardrobe have more of your actual personal style. 


Reject Meaningless Trends

Trends are very cyclical and fast-moving. As Yves Saint Laurent has said, fashion fades but style is eternal. Instead of following all of the trends, make sure you’re getting pieces that are classic and timeless. This will ensure that you have wardrobe pieces that you will be able to wear all year round. Buying meaningless trends and not wearing them after a month is also really bad for the environment. Making sure your clothes are timeless and eternally stylish will really improve your style game. 


Try Before You Buy

Before you buy an item of clothing, make sure you’re trying it on in the shop. This is so you don’t constantly buy things you won’t wear or like. It can also be a really good way to trial clothes that you’re unsure about. Trying your clothes before you buy can be a really great way to eliminate stuff you don’t like, try patterns and colours you’re apprehensive about, and streamline your clothes shopping experience. 


Up Your Shoe Game

Shoes are really important when it comes to creating outfits that look great. Making sure you are investing in good pairs of shoes can also help your health too- buying cheap shoes can give you foot or back problems in the long run. Ensuring your shoe game matches your outfits can make your outfits look cohesive. For example, if you’re wearing a suit, invest in a good pair of leather brogues. If you’re into streetwear, keeping your sneakers clean is a great way to elevate your look. Taking care of your shoes can be a really good way to make you look more stylish from day to day.


Wash Your Clothes Correctly

A lot of people unfortunately ruin their clothes by not washing them correctly. This can make them look untidy and can make their clothes look shapeless. This makes their style look unintentional and lax. Make sure you check in the labels for washing instructions for your clothes. This will help your clothes keep their shape and make you look better. If something needs to be dry cleaned, don’t risk it in the washing machine. Taking care of your clothes is a great way to elevate your everyday looks. 

Following all of these steps can take you to a higher style level. Investing time into your personal style and wardrobe isn’t something you’ll regret. If you’re looking to elevate your fashion looks, start with these tips today.