Dwarka, The Popular Pilgrimage City Of Gujarat

Known as the Golden city, Dwarka is situated in the extreme west part of Gujarat. The city has immense religious significance because it is one the sacred chardhams, the holy pilgrimage sites of Hindus. The name comprises of two words, ‘dwara’ which means door and ‘ka’ which means Brahma; hence the city is believed to be the spiritual gateway to reach Lord Brahma. Legend has it that Dwarka was completely submerged under water after the passing away of Lord Krishna and it was rebuilt many times after that. The town of Dwarka is peacefully situated on the banks of the river Gomati and is a popular pilgrimage city visited by thousands of tourists every year. It lies at 440 kms from the state capital Ahmedabad and can be easily reached within 8 hours in a taxi from Ahmedabad to Dwarka. We are highlighting top attractions in Dwarka.

Dwarkadhish Temple:

Dwarkadhish temple

Located in the middle of town, it is also known as the Jagat temple. The holy temple was built in the sixteenth century and depicts beautiful Chalukya architecture with brilliantly carved 60 pillars. The pilgrims should take a dip in the Gomtiriver before proceeding towards the temple through the SwargDwar. The temple shrine is grand with five stories and you must climb 56 steps to reach the main temple premises. Once you enter the temple you will see the beautiful black idol of Lord Krishna and hear the spiritual chants; the whole experience will take you to a higher level of spiritual bliss. Apart from Lord Krishna, the temple also houses idols of other deities namely Balarama, Subhadra, Revathy, Vasudeva and Rukmini. The festival of Janmashtmi is celebrated with great fervour and if you can plan to visit during that time, it will surely be a memorable experience. With so much of rich historical and religious significance, it is a must visit site during your Dwarka trip.

Somnath Temple:


It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and houses one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The temple is an architectural marvel and has great historical significance. During the entire course of history, it was destroyed and rebuilt six times and therefore it is also known as the shrine eternal. You can hire direct Ahmedabad to Somnath cabs that are convenient and affordable.

Bet Dwarka

Bet Dwarka:

It is a wonderful island that is located about 30 kilometres from the main town. The island comprises of ancient temples, white sand beaches and coral reefs. The main temple in the island is dedicated to Lord Krishna and devotees believe that he resided here for some time. You can reach Bet Dwarka through a ferry that itself is a fascinating experience.



GopiTalab (pond) is located 20 kms from the city and another popular religious site. Legend has it that it is a place where gopis would come to see Lord Krishna. The pond is surrounded by sand which is called Gopichandan. The chandan is used by the devotees to put tilaks on their forehead.

Rukshamanee Temple:

Rukshamanee temple

Located on the banks of River Bhagirathi, it is a unique temple dedicated to the wife of Lord Krishna, Rukmani. She was the most devout and favoured wife of Lord Krishna. The temple has many beautiful paintings on its walls depicting the stories of the Lord and his wife. You can reach the temple via public buses or auto rickshaws.

Dwarka Lighthouse:

Dwarka Lighthouse

It was built in the 19th century and today it is popular sightseeing spot. The lighthouse gives a lovely view of the sunset. It is a must visit if you want to take a break from temple visits and be closer to the nature.

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