Rent the Runway : Top UK Fashion Rental Sites

Runway fashion has always been desirable. With the latest and most exclusive trends to be found, it is no surprise that the price tags are as extortionate as they are. The general public has always expressed the desire to be able to rent designer fashion pieces, and now, high-end designers have opened up the doors and allowed people to wear their clothing for a significantly lower fee. The catch? You do not own the pieces and have to bring back the items within an agreed period. Praises are being sent from renters for the stunning designer pieces that can be worn for a fraction of the price. 


Not to mention the efforts towards sustainable fashion that renting presents. Fast fashion has been outed as one of the largest contributors to overall CO2 emissions. Renting means that each piece can be worn again and again, reducing the possibility of ending up in a landfill. Instead, they can be loved, worn and appreciated by more fashionistas. In this blog, we will share the best UK fashion renting websites to find your dream outfits for less. Take a look at the following suggestions to invest into your self care, fashion and better sustainability choices: 


The benefits of renting fashion

For those of you new to the sustainable fashion scene, you might be wondering what the benefits of opting for rental fashion would be. There are certainly benefits for those looking to have a new wardrobe for less, but here is a deeper dive into the key benefits of rental fashion:


Cost-effective – With current fashion trends changing like the weather, it can cost an arm and a leg to simply try to keep up with the demand. Instead, people are choosing to rent to stay ahead of the fashion game, whilst also keeping enough money in their pockets. Take a £1000 bag, you can rent it for 4 days for as little as £50 to keep your outfit looking high-value and fierce. That way you still have money to spend in the month on other things, from bills to London souvenirs! No one has to know it’s not officially yours, instead, they will admire your amazing fashion taste. 


Sustainable – Sustainability is at the forefront of change for many brands. Especially fashion businesses looking to steer clear of the large pollution contribution claims. Designer brands with to separate the bad reputation that fast fashion has placed on the clothing industry, and share their clothes with millions happy to share the beauty of their items with others. 



Starting with a familiar favourite, shoppers who love the designers that Net-A-Porter hosts have the option to rent their items through its latest partnerships. While Net-A-Porter does not strictly offer their in-house renting services, they are working with UK leading platforms ‘By Rotation’ and ‘HURR’, to provide a curated selection of designer pieces specifically for the UK market. From as little as £14, you can access exclusive pieces from world-class designers such as Jacquemus and Galvan to name a few. Choose from staple occasion dresses, modest abayas, to designer handbags perfect for finishing off a statement look.



HURR is the fashion rental platform that has truly made a name for itself. As a leader in the rental industry, they have their renting platforms whilst collating with brands directly to offer a wide scope of fashion pieces to rent. You can rent the most luxurious of designer fashion for a fraction of the price all with the added benefit of next-day delivery to ensure you have your ideal look for any last-minute occasion. HURR also provides cleaning and insurance for the rented pieces, offering peace of mind to both renters and owners of the fashion items.




Flannels offers a high-octane fashion rental experience for those who crave the latest trends and designer labels. They offer looks from runway powerhouses, off-white, Mugler and Palm Angels to name a few. They have a huge range of rentalable fashion pieces for all occasions. From skiing gear to plus-size clothing, they have made no exceptions when it comes to the scope of rentable clothing that they offer. Flannels offers short-term loans for one-night occasions, to extended rentals for their pieces for those looking to revamp their seasonal wardrobe for less.




Rites has gone the extra mile when it comes to affordable rental fashion. With a focus on sustainability and community, Rites offers peer-to-peer rentals to buy quality pieces from each other’s wardrobes. They host both resale and rentable fashion pieces, all from accredited designers with fashion in brand-new conditions. Rites offers fast deliveries, including pickups for rented pieces, and also inside cleaning of items before they are returned to the owner free of charge. The community created by Rites has made it a name to me remembered amongst rental lovers, in addition to their notable work towards sustainability.



Imagine having a never-ending rotation of dream designer bags sent straight to your closet. Now, Cocoon has brought this dream to fruition, offering memberships for handbags to rent every month, meaning you can have the latest trending handbags for less. They have several different memberships to choose from, a premium monthly charge accessing one bag swap a month, a deluxe membership allowing 2 swaps a month, and also a flexi membership to rent a bag for a month without being tied into a recurring arrangement. People are obsessed with Cocoons renting systems, and we can see why!



Selfridges are a household name known for some of the most luxurious designer brands to date. They host curated collections from the latest trending designers to buy and own but now have extended their product onto rental services. You can now buy some of the most wanted pieces on the market for a significantly marked-down price to wear and send back once you are done making use of it. Much like Cocoon, they also offer handbag subscriptions meaning you can have stunning accent handbags on rotation each month to keep you company for a-lister events. Not to mention they also include dry cleaning into the price of renting the bag and also offer nationwide delivery so you can have in-demand pieces delivered to the comfort of your home.



Last but certainly not least Asos has been a well-established name over the last 10 years, offering an extensive range of pieces from a varied scope of designers. The great thing about Asos is the fact that not only do they now offer rentable pieces, but they also host a reselling marketplace for fashion lovers to buy their most wanted pieces for less. Keep in mind that Asos’ rental items are through the third-party rental company ‘Hirestreet’, but they boast some of their most stunning occasion wear to rent for as little as £15.