When It Is Time To Change Managed IT Service Providers

Regardless of why you chose to outsource your managed IT services, you expect to get what you pay for. Some times you may not do your due diligence and the service provider you choose falls short of the promises. Rather than wait for things to go further downhill, or until your infrastructure fails completely, now is the best time to switch service providers. If you are unsure of whether you should change your Calgary Managed IT Services, there are a few signs that it is time to move on.

When It Is Time To Change Managed IT Service Providers

Unplanned Downtime and Outages

Outages or downtime of any kind can have serious ramifications for your business. Consumers are spoiled for choice and will easily go to your competitor if your website isn’t working. A good management company lets you know in advance about any outages or downtime due to maintenance. Although these issues cannot be avoided completely, they can be planned for appropriately so they have minimal to no impact on your business operations.

Lost Data

This should be non-negotiable save for very few instances. Lost data is a huge blow for any business and cannot be excused. If you have lost valuable data due to an incident, it is time to change service providers. Managed IT companies should have consistent backup and restore systems to prevent data loss.

Too Much Sales and Too Little Strategic Guidance

Sales and marketing is part and parcel of Calgary managed IT services but it should not take the place of actual strategic guidance. Many companies focus on selling you new services and upgrades that are not necessary for your operations. A professional service provider on the other hand analyses your IT needs and discusses the way forward rather than simply selling products.

Poor Communication

If you can’t get in touch with your service provider especially in case of an emergency, it might be time to look elsewhere for your managed IT. Furthermore, if you are not getting updates or not consulted on maintenance or changes to your infrastructure, you could major problems in future. Good communication also means that your service provider takes action when he says it will be done. You shouldn’t be the one to follow up on whether the task you agreed on has been fulfilled.

Changing service providers may be inconvenient but is necessary to avoid further problems or irreparable damage to your business or reputation. Due diligence is necessary when hiring a new Calgary managed IT services provider to avoid a repeat of the problem.

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