Scope of Digital Marketing Courses Available in Delhi, India

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative career options in today’s modern world. In fact, digital spend is on the rise. Thus, there is no denying that more and more people want to build a career out of it. 

It usually covers a wide range of tools, techniques, and platforms that needs proper training for you to be able to master digital marketing. 

But you still have to be careful with your choices. Taking a course in digital marketing all for the sake of taking it will not get you anywhere. You need to choose one that is not only the top digital marketing course in Rohini, Delhi but also fulfills all your needs and requirements as a professional. 

Here are the top available courses in New Delhi, India:

Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is one of the leading digital marketing training companies in Asia, as well as one of the first to launch a Social Media Marketing course series in the country.

Ever since its founding in 2009, approximately 20,000 students and professionals took courses from them.

Digital Vidya offers Digital Marketing, Social Media Certification Programs, and Mobile Marketing. They are also holding a free weekly digital marketing orientation session to those who want to understand digital marketing a little bit more, to build their career, or scale their business in the long run. 

Simply Digital

Simply Digital aims to educate people in the field of digital marketing, in the most simple and easy-to-understand approach as possible. 

It rose to become one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Delhi, having one of the best teachers IIT and IIM which provides hands-on training in classrooms, as well as in online classes. 

Avyud Academy

This is an up and coming digital marketing institute that provides learners with an excellent training program for them to excel as digital marketers. 

Over the past five years, Avyud Academy has been providing its students with a thorough individual training and excellent mentorship to level up their skills. In fact, the academy offers a hundred percent placement guarantee. 

Course curriculum:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce and CMS
  • SEO
  • Social Media Optimization
  • PPC
  • Online Advertising

Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)

The Internet & Mobile Association of India, also known as IAMAI, is a non-profit organization that was founded way back in 2004 by the leading portals in India.

As the demand for digital marketing professionals grew, it began to offer extensive digital marketing training to ensure its students to be technically equipped. 

The program is intended for individuals who are looking for short-term programs that strongly enable and sharpens their skills so that they will have the technical know-how in the world of digital marketing. 

Indian Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing (IIADM)

First founded in 2017, IIADM has trained approximately 1,000 digital marketing professionals. It also has been associated with one of the top brands like Google, Microsoft, eBay, and Reliance.

Apart from that, the Institute offers great benefits for professionals that are looking to scale their business. 

Course curriculum:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • PPC
  • Google Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO

Delhi School of Internet Marketing

This is another digital marketing school that is rising in India. The Delhi School of Internet Marketing provides a knowledge-rich hub for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs, who are taught with various subjects by top experts in the industry. 

Most students who passed have received high salary packages in their respective jobs.

Course Curriculum:

  • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing
  • Building your brand with Content Marketing
  • Increasing your sales with Affiliate Marketing
  • Effective Landing Page
  • Boosting Email Marketing
  • Increasing Conversion Rates
  • Optimizing a Thank You Page
  • Email Marketing
  • Backlinking to top SEO

Manipal ProLearn

For years, Manipal ProLearn is a rising educational hub that has been constantly working to help young learners achieve their goals.

It offers a global certification that is issued by top companies like Google, Microsoft, Gramener, and so much more. It is an institute that has been looking to add additional courses to improve its credibility. 

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Creation of a microsite and a website
  • The Fundamentals of Google Ads
  • Google Ad and Search Advertising tools
  • Displaying Advertising via Google Ads
  • Video Advertising using Youtube
  • Shopping Advertising with Google
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Driven Inbound Marketing


Edupristine has created a solid online platform, as well as a network of classrooms all around India. It specifically caters to self-paced learning, classroom mode of learning, and online learning.

It has been named as one of the most trusted Fortune 500 companies, as well as professionals and students all around India. 

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Delhi has become a digital marketing hub in the country. That’s because most of its digital marketing institutes continue to thrive and educate learners who are looking forward to getting professional training in digital marketing.

The above courses that we have mentioned in this article are the most promising ones. 

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