4 Tips For Starting Your Clothing Business

4 Tips For Starting Your Clothing Business

Starting your clothing business can take a lot of time but, there are some things that you should prioritise over others. Not to mention the amount of competition that is out there on the market. Whether you are selling old clothes or, you are buying and selling. Starting your own clothing business can be difficult to do. 

However, if you are one of those people who are looking to buy and sell. Then this article is definitely for you. There are some things that you should prioritise which can help you become successful. Here are a few things to consider to help you with your clothing business.

Decide On Your Niche

Deciding to start a clothing business is a very personal journey. When choosing to set up a clothing business, it’s highly likely that you’re a creative person, with something different to offer compared to your competitors. By deciding to start a clothing business, it’s likely that you have spotted a niche in the market, so you already have a niche in this sense. 

But, no matter what your inspiration is for starting a business, it’s important to define your niche from day one. It could be that you’re planning to start a fashion following for a specific item, or you could have a style in mind that you want to replicate across your business. Your niche could be focused on your business model instead, such as offering children’s jackets, cruelty-free clothing or eco-friendly packaging. Know your niche and keep that in mind for the duration of your business. Even if you choose to branch out in the future, or add more designs and products to your business, keeping your original niche in mind should be remembered and gives you a guide to focus on. 

Set Yourself A Goal

Having goals in life is important, not just for your clothing business. Setting yourself goals to achieve can help you know whether you are making any progress with your small business. Nonetheless, do not set your goals too high. If you do this then it can be quite degrading if you do not achieve them. 

Consider the fashion style that you are selling. Some fashion trends are more popular than others so they will sell much quicker. For example, if you are buying clothes that are within the streetwear community, then this will sell much quicker compared to casualwear. 

Remember to consider the number of hours that you are willing to put into your business. If you are willing to spend around ten hours a week then that isn’t a bad amount of time to set yourself. You can soon start seeing the money come in. Setting yourself a goal of earning an extra £5000 a year can be relatively easy to achieve. That is only an extra £100 in your account. 

Find The Market You Want To Target

If you are looking to sell any product, it is important to understand your target market. Having a wide range of clothes on your account can be confusing for your customers. There are a wide variety of fashion audiences out there. So, pick the one that is most suitable for you and one that you know about the most. If you wear streetwear clothes, then target the streetwear community as this is something that you are a part of. 

If a person clicks on an image that your social media account has posted, they will want to see other items that are related to the item they have clicked. You must understand the target audience you are looking at. Doing your research on social media is a great way to understand your target audience. Find influencers and social media pages that are specifically targeting your niche. 

Activewear is another great audience to target as it is popular today. However, competition is extremely high for activewear, same with streetwear. You will have to come up with something a bit different if you wish to go for a popular fashion trend. 

Vintage clothing is something that is easy to get hold of these days through wholesale as well as second-hand shops. Finding cheap vintage clothing can be rare so do not be afraid to buy it, if it is being undersold.   

This should be your number one thing to sort out first. That goes for starting any business, not just a clothing business. If you put in the hours early doors for your market research then it will benefit you later on. 

Create Your Social Media Pages

Social media is a great asset for your business. It is great to interact with your customers and get your product out there. Gaining a following through Instagram and Facebook will be highly beneficial for your business. It is also a great way to build up your Depop or eBay account. 

There are plenty of tips to consider for boosting your marketing sales. If you take all of these into consideration for your social media pages then. It will start spreading around how good your business is. Social media is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness. 

One of the best things about creating your social media pages is that it is free. Not to mention how simple it is to build up. If you get people sharing your posts on their story’s and feeds then you will soon see an increase in followers. If you are starting an activewear business then you might want to follow pages that share mens full tracksuits on their pages. 

 An increase in followers means one thing and that is more potential customers. This is not an overnight thing, you have to be patient. Success will come to you if you have the right things in place. 


There is a massive market within the fashion industry. Not to mention it is highly competitive as well. If you put in the time and effort then you do not need to worry about achieving your goals. It can be a nice little side income for your business.