Tips To Help You Recover After Surgery

When you’re recovering from surgery, you need to make sure you are looking after yourself, not only to help you have a healthy recovery but also to look after your mental health. Recovery looks different for everyone as every operation is so different, so make sure that you always follow your doctor’s instructions first and foremost, but these tips are a good place to get some inspiration! 

From staying active to also getting rest and eating a wide variety of different fruits and veg, you need to be focusing on yourself throughout this process to help yourself have a happy and healthy recovery! 


Stay Active 

Our first tip is to stay as active as possible. This is especially important when it comes to consulting your dentist, as if you have had knee surgery or a hip replacement in London, the amount of exercise you can do will be far less than if you’ve had a breast augmentation Manchester based. However, ask your doctor how much you should be doing and try to keep up with that. You might start with a few steps around your bed, then gradually build up to going down stairs, going in the garden and then a small lap around the street. 

When you’re first starting out, make sure to have someone with you as you are likely to feel quite wobbly! This will not only help you to gradually rebuild muscle, but it will also be really good for your mental health, to get some fresh air and away from where you’re lying/sat for the rest of the day. 


Get Your Rest

Whilst it is really important to stay active, it is just as important to make sure you are getting your rest. Your body does the majority of its recovery when you are asleep, so this is absolutely vital. If you feel tired, allow yourself to nap and give your body the boost it needs. Finding a balance between prioritising rest and moving as much as possible is going to help you have a healthy recovery. This might be making sure you have a good 8-10 hours sleep throughout the night and then a few regular naps throughout the day to keep you feeling your best. Having a good sleep through the night is arguably the most important, so your body can relax into a nice deep sleep!

Whether you’re getting your rest by sleeping on the sofa or in bed, as long as you are fitting it into your post-recovery routine, then your body will definitely thank you for it! 


Eat A Rainbow of Fruit and Veg

Our final tip is for you to eat a rainbow of fruit and veg. Different coloured fruits and vegetables contain so many different vitamins and minerals that your body needs to recover to the best of its ability, and will help your bodily functions to recover and stay healthy.

A great way to eat lots of different coloured fruit and veg is by making smoothies and soups. Throw any fruit you have into smoothies and any veg you have into soups for such delicious and nutritious meals. Plus, you might not want to be having hard to digest foods soon after surgery, so smoothies and soups are a great alternative. If you’re making soup, you can also throw some protein sources in there like lentils, as this will help with recovery, they’re really good for you and you won’t taste the difference when they’re cooked right down and blended up!