How to Get Rid Of House Bugs 

How to Get Rid Of House Bugs

You can be an insect lover and fan, but you certainly don’t like their presence in your house. The diversity of insects in Australia is huge and people are struggling with their unpleasant visits very often. Parasites make life difficult. Household insects carry dangerous infections, damage furniture, and destroy food supplies. Over centuries-old history, people have learned to fight them. And we made a list of tips on how to deal with bugs in an apartment. Good luck! 

Control Methods 

Modern insecticides are easy to use and effective enough. If you are tired of domestic insects, you can find out how to fight on the label of the poisonous agent. Many of them are so strong that they help get rid of parasites and their larvae in one day.

Insecticides are distinguished by the way the poison enters the pest’s body. The following chemicals are popular: 

Contact (penetrate through the chitinous cover);

Intestinal (enter the gastric tract);

Contact-intestinal mixed type;

Fumigants (through the respiratory system). 

Insecticides are effective where other control methods do not work. Precautionary measures must be followed when using chemical extermination agents. Standard protective equipment will help to avoid poisoning. 

Helpful Hints: It is easier to eliminate pests at an early stage of infestation. At the first sign of the insect settling in the apartment, you need to take emergency measures. 

Physical Methods 

Long before the invention of household chemicals, home methods of controlling insects based on physical action on parasites were in use. They are not reliable enough and can be dangerous if handled carelessly. The use of physical methods is justified in combination with other methods. The following folk remedies are popular: 

-Temperature exposure (boiling water, freezing);

-Ultrasound (repellents);

-Electricity (traps);

-Mechanical destruction (vacuum cleaner, knocking out carpets). 

The difficulty is that most insects quickly adapt to harsh living conditions. Strong immunity does not allow the population to disappear. Some physical methods work on adult insects but are completely powerless in relation to larvae and eggs. 

Chemical Repellents 

To eliminate insects leading a secretive lifestyle, toxic powders were invented. They are scattered in places of expected accumulation, or the possible appearance of pests. Chemical powders are effective against bed bugs, fleas and ants. 

City apartment owners prefer to use chemical crayons. This is an affordable and relatively inexpensive method of controlling domestic insects. 


To combat insect pests, manufacturers have developed potent drugs. These are insecticides of 1-4 classes of toxicity. Modern drugs differ in the following type: 





They are obtained by the chlorination of liquid hydrocarbons. You can find them in form of powders and emulsions. They are widely used in agriculture to kill insect pests. Organic chlorine is almost insoluble in water. It can only be thinned with oil. It is highly toxic and therefore harmful to humans and the environment. 


These are ethereal alcohols of phosphoric acid. They act selectively on insects. Effective against most domestic insects. 


These are derivatives of the substance pyrethrum. Possess selective toxicity, and do not affect warm-blooded creatures. To eliminate insects, it is necessary to disinfect once. They affect the nervous system of pests. 

Professional Treatment for Insects 

Professional treatment for insects in an apartment is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to destroy any pests, which, moreover, provides the most persistent and long-lasting result. Good quality pest control professionals from Sydney will help you get rid of bugs forever.

With self-local treatment of things, surfaces or individual objects, pests can simply move to a safe place. When the treatment is carried out in the entire apartment as a whole, insects have no chance to hide in areas unaffected by the poison.

Prevention of the Appearance of Bugs

It is easier to prevent the appearance of pests than to get rid of them later. The first barrier against penetration should appear on the windows: install mosquito nets. In order to prevent insects from settling, old, spoiled objects and things should not be kept in the house.

The trash bin with long-lasting food leftovers is an attractive area with the abundant nutrient substrate. Regular removal of garbage bags is one of the preventive measures against the appearance of unpleasant bugs. 

Products such as cereals, dried fruits, flour should be stored in an airtight container. The use of covers for storing things made of fur, wool, cotton, linen, silk will save them from damage by leather. A sachet made of fragrant herbs in the closet will scare off the moth. Lavender, tansy, wormwood have insecticidal properties. Fumigators are used as prophylactic agents. The advantages of the device are the coverage of a large area with a high penetrating effect.


We hope that our article will help you in the fight against unwanted visitors. We wish you to get rid of them quickly and easily. Don’t forget that you can always leave that job to professionals. They will drive out the guests in the blink of an eye, and you will be able to enjoy your home freely again.