What Are the Dangers of Bed Bugs?

The problem of bed bugs is not new. These blood-sucking insects have given sleepless nights to millions of people all around the world. Just like mosquitoes, bed bugs too are human parasites that live on our blood. Unlike mosquitoes, they are not known to cause any serious diseases that can become fatal. However, there are many dangers of bed bugs. This makes it important to prevent bed bugs from entering your home.

What Are the Dangers of Bed Bugs?

Let’s look at some of the dangers caused by bed bugs:

Loss of Sleep

Loss of sleep for one or two days is not dangerous. However, if you are unable to sleep for a stretch of few days, it would affect your health seriously. There are only a few people in this world, who manage to sleep with bugs in their beds.

Allergic Reaction

This is something that most of you already know about. The moment a bed bug bites you, it would start itching and the itching would continue for a long time. The area swells up and becomes red and it starts paining after some time.

Allergic reactions occur in persons who are allergic to insect bites. Allergic reactions lead to swelling, redness, and itching. It can get more serious and you might need to visit a doctor as well and take medicines.


Bed bugs do not cause infection. However, if you cannot stop yourself from scratching, you would end up getting an infection. Scratching leads to tearing open the skin. This makes a passage for germs and can lead to infection. If it is scratching a lot, it is best to apply an ointment on the affected area, so that the itching subsides.


In a study published by the Canadian Medical Association, it is said that bed bugs can cause anemia. A 60-year person with symptoms of iron-deficiency had no physical cause for the same. Doctors could not find out the reason behind him being anemic. On inspecting his home, the doctors found that it is infested with a thousand bed bugs.

However, this does not mean that every person who has bed bug bites would suffer from the symptoms of anemia. It happens only in extreme cases.

Respiratory Issues

If you already suffer from some kind of respiratory issue or it is in your genes, the presence of bed bug would make things worse. Bed bugs shed their outer skin as they grow. This along with their feces tends to dry out and mix with the air. Breathing this air can worsen respiratory problems like asthma.

So, it is really important that you get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs multiply and can infest your home within a week of time. Removing bed bugs need professional help from experts like Pest Control Toronto GTA. They only have the skills and tools required to find them from every corner of your home and kill them. They also make sure that these insects do not come back. Click here, if you are looking for professional help.

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