Resources When Looking for Lab Kitting Services

Lab Kitting is a service that connects colleges, universities and other educational institutions with local lab equipment suppliers. With the help of Lab Kitting’s services, you can get a detailed quote for your laboratory equipment needs quickly and easily from multiple suppliers in your area. Here are resources when looking for Laboratory Kitting Services:


1. Get Free Quotes From Suppliers.

Getting a free quote is easy if you go to Lab Kitting and click “Get Free Quotes From a Network of Suppliers.” You will see a massive database of local equipment suppliers in your area with expertise in lab equipment purchases. You’ll also get an email with the contact information for each supplier.


2. Search for Specific lab Equipment.

You can also search for specific lab equipment using the advanced search techniques on Lab Kitting’s website. When you go to Search, you’ll be able to choose the category of laboratory equipment (i.e., microscopes & spectroscopes) and specify your search by city, zip code, and name. You’ll also get immediate access to a list of equipment suppliers and contact information for each.


3. Review the Manufacturer’s Price Details.

All equipment suppliers who will be reviewed have their prices on the website. This provides you with more information about the costs of purchasing a piece of lab equipment and allows you to compare against other suppliers more easily. This will also allow you to quickly compare the costs of a lab kitting service versus just purchasing the equipment outright.


4. Compare Prices, Customer Feedback, and Business Reputations.

Lab Kitting’s comprehensive listings of suppliers make it easy to compare different pieces of lab equipment as well as customer comments and business reputations of distributors in your area. This helps you find high-quality equipment from reliable sources at a reasonable cost.


5. Read Reviews of Your Local Suppliers.

Lab Kitting also lets you read reviews of equipment suppliers posted by past customers, making it easy to find recommendations for equipment and service providers. This will help you find a flexible, high-quality lab kitting service that can handle your unique equipment needs.


6. Create a Professional Quote or Proposal for Your lab.

Lab Kitting also makes it easy to create professional quotes and proposals for your laboratory. When you go to Create Quote, you’ll be able to enter relevant information about the type of equipment you need and any custom details about the equipment specific to your project. You’ll also be able to choose whether you need equipment on a one-time basis or would like to have recurring orders of the same equipment.



Finding a lab kitting service can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on laboratory equipment. Lab Kitting also makes it easy to compare prices, customer feedback, and business reputations of suppliers in your area. With the help of Lab Kitting’s service, you can quickly and easily find a high-quality supplier near your campus. Lab Kitting is always happy to hear from you about your experiences using their service!