How To Source The Best Designer Clothing For Half The Price

There is no denying the appeal that designer clothing has to offer. Although it is important to also keep in mind the higher price tag that comes with such items. Some of the most prominent designer clothing brands are often created with handmade crafting and materials that justify the higher price tags in comparison to cheaper, faster fashion.

Unfortunately for most of us, we do not have the disposable income to splash out on a full-priced designer, which is where bargain hunting comes into play. Many people will be surprised to know that designer clothing is available at affordable prices, but you just need to know where to find them.

If you are looking for the best tips and tricks on how to source designer clothing for half the price, take a look at the following suggestions:


Charity Shops

If you are yet to explore your local charity shops, you might be missing out on some real gems. Charity shops are a great place to find the most stunning, luxury designer items such as vintage jeans, printed t-shirts, and luxury hoodies that are being sold for a bomb elsewhere. You shouldn’t expect to find the newest season of designer clothing items in charity shops, you will certainly find items that are sought after even if they are past their glory days. Charity items are often so cheap, and you might even bag a deal if you are buying multiple items from your chosen store.


Outlet Stores 

Outlet stores are great places to find bargains directly from the designer of your choice. Outlet stores are created solely to offer discounted items from the designer themself when they are looking to get rid of last season’s items to make room for the new and improved designs they have curated. This should not fool you, as outlets have some stunning, brand-new luxury clothing items that have a lot of value to them. The savings might be minimal depending on the designer, but you will certainly find special items that have massive reductions on them. You should have designer outlet stores within the vicinity of your local areas, so try and find out where your nearest one is!


Antique Shops 

Antique shops are a more unconventional option for people who are looking for valuable designer items. A vintage design is often the most valuable, and if you manage to find luxury items such as luxury Coco Chanel, you are certain to be the envy of the town. Antique shops do not specialize in fashion, however, they can house some special items from time to time that the best bargain hunters will swipe before anyone else can get to them.


Renting Stores 

Did you know that many businesses rent out the most luxurious designer clothing for a fraction of the price? Fashion these days is not as valued as it used to be, and statement pieces for special events are likely to only be worn once. If you are looking for bargain designer pieces to wear for one special occasion, you might consider renting some clothing from rental designer businesses. They will often let customers keep the pieces for up to a week, but keep in mind that you might be at risk of receiving a hefty fine if the items are returned with damage.

Online Marketplaces 

With so much reliance on online applications, there are now multiple online fashion marketplaces for people to buy and sell clothing. This also includes luxury streetwear that people are selling to a new loving home. Marketplaces are reliable for finding discounted designer items because you can communicate with the owner about how well it fits, and also if you have mis-sold items the biggest marketplace apps offer their users protection if compensation is needed.


Family & Friends 

Understandingly, asking our family and friends for a second-hand designer is likely not the first thought we all had. You will however be surprised at how many people have valuable designer clothing sitting in their wardrobes, not being worn or appreciated. If you have a family member or a friend who has a great sense of style, ask them if they have any designer pieces they are open to parting ways with. Most likely you will be given the best price for buying them, or they might even allow you to keep the items for free.


Tip For Finding Quality Stuff

Here are some of the tips from experts who are skilled at finding great designer items.

Watch Out For Fakes 

There are likely as many fake designer items as real designer items are being sold. Often, people attempt to sell fake designer clothing with the impression that it is real. If you want to avoid paying too much for a fake designer item, there are a couple of things you might consider asking:

  • Ask the seller to see a receipt of the original purchase 
  • Ask a designer authenticator to confirm it is real before you purchase 
  • Try to compare the item with pictures of the real ones


Try To Negotiate 

The best thing about finding designer items that are already at an affordable price is that you can ask for an even larger discount to get the deal closed. This is best performed at charity shops and when speaking with sellers on marketplaces. Start with your cheekiest ask, potentially 20% off the already discounted price, and come to an agreement that is lower than the original cost.


Consider Damaged Goods

If you are looking for goods that no one else will see value in, try asking outlet stores for any of their damaged items. Damaged designer items are usually still valuable with minimal faults, but luxury brands will not sell goods that are broken under any circumstances. Speak with the store assistant in outlet stores and see what prices they are willing to go down. Put on your charm, and once the deal is sealed get your sewing kits out to bring the piece back to life.


Final Thoughts 

Designer clothing is something we would all love to own, however, the cost that comes with buying such items is not readily available for us all. Finding bargains is easier than most people think, but setting out on your search for luxury clothing with the right strategies in mind is the key to finding the most stunning and valuable items.