Money Generating Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

Who doesn’t like money? Whether you are looking to become a billionaire or take pride in having a healthy savings account, generating money is a great feeling. Once more, it is even better when the money is a result of your hard work. Perhaps in your current employment role, you do not feel empowered or you are not earning enough to save for your dream job. This is where a side hustle comes in, including online businesses.


What Is a Side Hustle?

Essentially a side hustle is a form of earning income outside of your general 9-5 day job, and you are opening up new avenues and opportunities to generate income. 9-5 jobs of course are beneficial in many ways, but if you want to have more disposable income to save up for the life you want instead of the life you can afford, a side hustle should be considered. A couple of extra hundred of pounds or dollars a month can be the difference between getting your first home in 1 year instead of saving up for 5. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most lucrative and popular side hustles people are doing at the moment alongside their regular 9-5 jobs:



If you have looked into side hustles previously, you may have already heard the term ‘dropshipping’. This is an extremely valuable and hands-off way to earn money by providing products to consumers. The overall concept of dropshipping is you buy inventory from a manufacturer, and they ship the products to the customers after they create and hold all of the products. 

The main takeaway you should have from drop shipping is that it is very handy and you never have to worry about keeping the products yourself. Your main objectives as a drop shipper are ensuring you are choosing the right product, and manufacturer, and also handling customer service and marketing. Dropshipping can generate a lot of money if carried out well, and people have even replaced their 9-5 income by doing so.



You may have been living under a rock if you have not heard of cryptocurrency. Its fast surge in popularity amongst investors has shown many people gain extensive wealth all through a couple of smart investments. Crypto essentially involves buying and trading cryptocurrencies when their prices are low and predicted to rise, which if they do increase leaves investors with a surplus of money than what was initially invested. 

It can be quite intricate and risky to trade cryptocurrency as a side hustle, but if you start small and slowly build your investments up as you gain more knowledge and experience it can be a great side hustle to do from home. Keep in mind that with the risks involved many people have been subject to crypto scams, being conned into ‘high returns’ promise investments, overall resulting in their money being stolen. 


Freelance Writing 

If you are an experienced writer who can type fast and come up with unique and creative ideas, chances are you could be making a lot of money becoming a freelance writer. With everything becoming digital in today’s age, the need for constant new and fresh content is in high demand. Companies that focus on SEO and social media coping writing are always seeking writers that can create new content for them. Simply search online for copywriting roles, they will often pay for the piece of content you write, therefore if you are a fast writer you could be earning an extra couple hundred a day!


Virtual Assistant 

Many businesses and generally busy individuals value virtual assistants. If you haven’t heard of virtual assistants, they are a form of outsourcing for people who would prefer to leave tasks to other people without needing to employ someone to do the task. Virtual assistants might manage email inboxes, and research managing any form of online activity for a person. You can find virtual assistant jobs online through agencies that act as a middleman, or you can simply approach businesses yourself and share your skill set. These tasks can be easily done alongside your 9-5 job, just as long as you set your boundaries with the person outsourcing the work.


Personal Trainer 

For anyone who is a fitness fanatic, personal training might just be the side hustle you’ve been waiting for. I know what you’re thinking, how is personal training work from a home side hustle? If lockdown has taught us anything, we are all very adaptive and virtual personal training is now hugely popular online. Many personal trainers have chosen to move all of their work online only, and they are training and managing their clients solely from online platforms. You might start your business by giving video calls to speak about people’s goals within their fitness journey and create a gym and diet plan for them to follow. You can charge anywhere around £30 per session for personal training, and even more if you are managing their nutritional plans.


Virtual Tutor 

If you have skills to share that you are currently working on, even skills you are perfecting during your 9-5, you already have a sellable asset that others want to learn. Starting your virtual workshop might be a great side hustle to do at home if you have extensive knowledge in a field that people are paying to learn. For example, you might be bi-lingual in English and Spanish, therefore you may wish to start English workshops for Spanish people looking to learn fluent English. People will pay a lot to learn a useful skill, and you only need to spend an hour a day teaching individuals or groups to earn extra hundreds each month.



Are you always up to date on the latest fashion trends, or are you extremely skilled in financial advice? People are always online reading blogs to find information that you have, so why not start your blog and share your information? Sharing articles and blogs is rewarding in itself, but companies who would like you to write sponsored posts on your site will pay to upload content. You will also get paid if your website has great google authority, as other websites looking to boost their ranking will pay for you to link to their websites to increase their SEO. Blogs might not make you money in the beginning, however, over time as you build your experience and posting volume external sites will pay to write sponsored content on your website.