Why quantity surveying plays a big part in construction industry?

When doing any construction work, all details are of equal importance. The tallest of structures depends on the tiniest of details. Before you even start building, you first lay the foundation for your future construction. And before you even begin that, you need to have all the paperwork in order. Paper beats rock when it comes to construction because you are building your dream project and a mountain of papers side by side. A quantitative survey inspector can save you a lot of hassle before you even lay your first brick. In today’s Australian construction industry, that can be a lifesaver.

1. Early insight

Hindsight is worth its weight in pure gold. Knowing how much material you will need, split according to type, quantity, quality and date, lets you optimise your budget and logistic. No construction sites begin operating with all their materials delivered at once, as that is nearly impossible, reckless and can only lead to problems. 

Keeping your construction project on track requires a steady inflow of manpower, machines, and materials, all coordinated simultaneously. That’s where your quantitative survey experts come into play to orchestrate the entire endeavour. And when you notice some problems before you even start, you can easily correct them and make incredible savings.

2. Peace of mind

An extension of the first topic, peace of mind is something you can buy with quantitative survey experts. If we were to list all aspects and to-do lists within a single construction project this text would become book-length. Delegating stress and the immeasurable weight of planning and logistics to quantitative survey experts opens up your schedule for other important items. 

The savings you will make on missed material deadlines, holdups due to logistic jams or even legal issues are immeasurable, thanks to quantitative survey experts. Having them be a part of your team is of equal importance as architects, engineers, shift managers, good workers and so on.

3. Streamlining negotiations

Clear data, precise dates and simple instructions are the basics of good planning. Getting tangled up in all that paperwork can make you easily lose sight of your target and waste precious time and money on frivolous items. When you are discussing any potential upgrades, changes and amendments, those changes affect the entire project. Knowing how much and in what way is the job of an expert quantity surveyor from Brisbane, which can tell you all the crucial info you need in a heartbeat. 

Crucial info helps any negotiation turn in your favour, as clients prefer informed and confident managers. Having an answer to any question right at your side will help you plan and be above the curve. Quantity surveyors are there to juggle numbers and deadlines. You are there to make the best of it!

4. Cost check

You may have the initial cost plan, and construction budget all laid out, but they are not set in stone. Prices change, contracts falter, amendments get added, and costs can pile up. Your building can get toppled over by a single lost piece of paper or by the mountain of rising debt. Cutting costs is never an option as it compromises the site’s integrity, and safety and leads to bigger costs down the road. But quantity surveyors are there to give you the best bang for your buck as they can find the ideal cost-to-performance ratio. 

Throwing your money away and not managing the budget prevents you from having a backup plan. Every construction site should plan for at least 20% more than the initial budget, in case of accidents, delays or other unforeseen factors in construction. It is easy to say but hard to justify in reality. The costs for any construction building are already high. Quantity surveyors make sure you are not leaking money anywhere or overspending on construction. With them as your guiding light, you will find new and better ways to implement all that surplus, and put it to good use.

5. Analysing progress

At what point is your construction site? Should you move on now or in a few days? When do you need to organise and launch the next steps? These questions and many more are the job of quantity surveyors to give and think about. Preventing slacking, delays, and mismanagement is impossible when a good quantity surveyor runs the entire operation. Sometimes even with a quantity surveyor, some delays are inevitable. But fully utilising all the resources in your hands is always possible, and running a tight shift becomes the golden standard. You want to get your money’s worth out of any investment, and quantity surveyors are there to make it happen.


Construction sites need all the experts you can cram in. From safety to legality, all play an equal part until the job is done. Then you can all sit back and bask in the glory of your project. The sooner you get a quantity surveyor on your side, the sooner you can be at ease!