Home Renovation Ideas to Increase Your House Value

Most Australians do the remodeling of their homes without thinking about whether those updates increase the value of their houses. Renovations can be expensive and time-consuming, and while we’re doing them, we should do them strategically.

Every renovation should be done so that it not only makes your home more up-to-date and comfortable but so that it increases its value. One day, you may decide to sell the house, and having done all the renovations that increase its value may turn out to be a good investment.

So, let’s see all the remodels you can do on your house that can also raise its value.

Upgrading kitchen and bathroom

You’ve probably already heard about how kitchen and bathroom updates can significantly raise the value of any home. And it’s true. The renovations of these two spaces can increase the house value quite a bit. However, upgrading both the kitchen and bathrooms can be an expensive feat. 

Before you jump head in, try to assess the situation and whether these spaces need a complete gut job or if some cosmetic updates can be enough. For example, consider changing the kitchen cabinet doors, repainting the old, replacing the counters, and changing the backsplash – all these changes can completely change the look of the kitchen without breaking the bank.

As for the bathrooms, instead of completely removing tiles, think about regrouting and then painting them some modern color. You can also replace all bathroom fixtures to make the bathroom look modern. 

Home extensions

Adding more square footage to your house is another very good way to raise its value. Of course, just like upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms, this renovation project can also be expensive. But when done right, you will not only have more space in your home but your home’s value will be boosted as well.

Homes can be extended in many different ways but it ultimately depends on your house and your wishes. Some people work on finishing their attic and basement spaces to add more square footage to their homes, while others convert their garages to living spaces. 

There are even cases where people build add-ons to their homes, but in those cases, the best would be to consult a lawyer.

Each Australian state and territory has different laws and regulations that you should comply with. So, before building anything make sure you hire an expert construction lawyer in Sydney who will help you understand the laws and advise you on how to further proceed so that you don’t run into any problems.

Make outdoor space usable

Sometimes having a great backyard is just not enough. People today want to see a finished space for entertaining in the backyard or a finished deck/patio area. So, if you are looking to make your outdoor space more usable, think about adding a deck or a patio if you don’t already have one.

To go a step further, you can also focus on enhancing this space. Add outdoor furniture to make the deck more comfortable and to make it ready for entertaining. You can also work on backyard landscaping, and add a fire pit or a water feature since all of these features add more value to your house.

Curb appeal

Just like upgrading your backyard can boost the value of your house, so can enhancing your front yard. By now, you’ve probably heard of curb appeal – how attractive your house is from the sidewalk. Curb appeal plays a big role when you’re trying to sell your house, and even when you’re not – you should live in the nicest house in the neighborhood.

So, to enhance the exterior of your house and front yard, you can clean the outer walls, pressure washes them, paint them if needed, change the front door, or repaint the old one to refresh it and add character to the house.

You can also do some landscaping in the front yard. Add new flowers and plants, mow the lawn, cut and trim what’s overgrown, and so on. Simply, find ways to make your house stand out.

Cosmetic changes

Inside the house, making some cosmetic changes is the best way to boost the value. These cosmetic changes include painting the walls, replacing floors and carpets, or removing carpets altogether, replacing window treatments with something more modern, and so on.

All these changes will significantly depend on your budget. If you’re lucky, you won’t need to install new floors, you can refinish old ones. But if you do need to replace them, consider various options, don’t settle for the cheapest one, and also don’t go for the most expensive option either.


Home renovation can be a very expensive undertaking. So, when you decide to do it, make sure you get the most out of it – meaning make sure all the renovations increase the value of your house so that you can get a return on investment when you decide to sell the house.

As you can see, there are various ways to renovate the home and boost its value at the same time, you just have to choose which renovation fits your budget.