Preparing Your Weekend Trip To London

When planning a trip to London, you will notice it is far less stressful than going abroad. There are the obvious things you need to worry about such as travel and accommodation but if you live in the UK, you don’t need to worry about a visa. 

Both travelling to London and paying for accommodation are going to be expensive. It is the capital of England after all. Furthermore, once you get to London, you will notice it is an expensive City, just like most capitals in the world. 

Like most city breaks, there are a few things you can do to make your cheap less expensive. Nonetheless, you will still be spending a lot of money. Here is our travelling guide to Central London.


Stick To Central London

Firstly, when the places you want to visit, you want to keep them in central London. The reason being is that London is a massive area and if you think you can travel to multiple areas within London, you can think again.

The areas located in Central London are Kensington, Marylebone, Mayfair, Pimlico and Westminster. Anywhere outside of that area is no longer Central London. Yes, Central London will be more expensive but it is worth the trip. 

If you want to spend your time in other areas outside central London then you can. We just would advise you to spend more time in Central London as this is the heart of the capital. 


Avoid Bank Holidays and Summer Breaks

London is an extremely busy city, especially for those who are not used to city life. If you want to enjoy the city to its fullest, we suggest you avoid bank holidays. Families who live outside of London would likely visit the capital for a trip out with their children. 

Another time to avoid London is the run-up to Christmas. A lot of people will be doing the shopping then for Christmas so avoid it all costs. 

If you ever are looking to visit during the summer holidays then avoid the major shopping streets and tourist attractions. It is where the majority of the people will be that time of year. 


Don’t Try To See Everything

As mentioned earlier, London is a big city, meaning seeing everything is very unlikely. Even Central London is a big place to visit all in one weekend. If you want to see as much as possible, we advise you to spend three to four days in this magical city. Yes, you will need to book a couple of days off work if you wish to see it all but we can assure you it is worth it.

If you want to visit other areas outside Central London, you will need to spend a week there. There is a lot of sightseeing, restaurants, bars, high-street shops and more to visit. A week is plenty for you to have a little downtime as well as make the most of it. 


Book Places In Advance

The chances of you getting into somewhere by just rocking up on the day is also unlikely. We cannot advise it enough to book places in advance. It includes some bars, reputable restaurants, your hotel and many more. This city is loved by many people around the world so try to book places in advance. 

Your travel is something that you will need to consider as well. If you live in the UK, you will probably be looking to travel to London by coach, train or even driving down. Some people prefer to fly to London if they live at the opposite end of the UK. Nonetheless, you need to book all of these in advance. 

If you are considering driving into London, find the nearest car park where you are stopping. For example, if you are staying in the Mayfair area, look for a Marble Arch car park as this is in the heart of London.   


Find The Free Places To Visit

Believe it or not, there are many places you can visit which are free in London. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a historian, there are plenty of museums that don’t cost you a penny. Some museums you can visit include; the Natural History Museum, British Museum, Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum, Museum of London and many others. Make sure you browse on Google to see if there are any events in the museums that you can visit as well. 

London is full of historical buildings and streets. Buckingham Palace is one of those magnificent buildings you have to visit when you are in London. Another building we highly recommend is Westminster Abbey. It is one of the oldest buildings in London and was built in 1269. These major attractions don’t cost a penny and these are arguably the main attractions you need to visit when you are in London. 

There are plenty of parks in London so if you want to plan a picnic one evening then you can. Some of the parks you can visit in London include Green Park, St James’s Park, Hyde Park, Whitehall gardens and many more. 

Hyde Park is one of the famous parks in the United Kingdom and is the most famous in London. Furthermore, the park has a bit of history behind it as well. It has been home to many famous protests including the suffragette’s protests which were for women’s rights. The park is still home to some protests, especially in the famous speaker’s corner. Moreover, the park is home to many memorial features such as the Serpentine. It isn’t just a stroll around the park that you can do. You can also go on a paddle boat across the pond. This park is a must-see if you have a spare day in London. 



London is a marvellous place to visit with a friend or your partner. Just ensure you remember to book places in advance if you want to avoid disappointment. There are a lot of places to visit in London so make sure you make plenty of time for them as well. 

Finally, remember to book your travel in advance so you can secure your spot for visiting the capital of England. When you do book a place to visit, usually you would have to put down a deposit as well so make sure you turn up or, you give plenty of notice that you won’t be able to make it. That way, you are sure to get your deposit back.