4 Things You Need To Sort The Night Before You Go To The Airport!

Heading on holiday is a super exciting time, but sometimes we get caught up in the combination of stress and excitement and find ourselves rushing and forgetting something. So, we have put together 4 things you need to sort the night before you go to the airport, to make the whole experience more relaxing and to make sure nothing is forgotten! 

Triple Check You Have All Travel Documents

The first thing you need to do is triple check you have all the travel documents you need. Most importantly, in-date passports and boarding passes. You will need visa information for some countries and also your travel insurance, so double check what you need to enter the country you are visiting and have a paper copy on you just in case your phone dies. 

You should really check everything and print it off at least a few weeks in advance to give you chance to sort anything that is missing, but this is your opportunity to do a few final checks and to get everything organised. 

Pull Out Your Outfits

Next up, you should pull out your outfits that you’ll be wearing in the airport. The last thing you want is to find you’ve packed what you wanted to wear, have to open all your luggage and end up losing something in the process. 

So, getting your outfits out the night before helps to take away any last minute stress! Wear something comfy like a luxury womens tracksuits that you can wear on the way back too, making sure it’s quite cosy as airplane cabins can get cold. If you are visiting somewhere really warm, make sure that you wear a T-shirt underneath your hoodie so you stay nice and comfortable when you arrive! 

Double Check Your Mode of Transport

The next thing you’ll need to do is double check your mode of transport. You don’t want any last minute stress, so if you are getting the train double check that it’s still running. If you are driving check any major traffic warnings, the carpark is still available and that your car is full of petrol. If a friend of family member is taking you, give them a call to confirm they are still okay to do so. Whatever your plan is, have a quick look and it could save you a lot of stress the next day as you’ll have extra time to make different arrangements should you need to. 

Put All Your Luggage By The Front Door

Once everything has been packed and is ready (aim to do this a couple of days before you go so that you have time to pick up anything last minute), the night before you go you should put everything by the front door. You don’t want to be rushing around your house just before you leave because you couldn’t remember where you left one suitcase or your hand luggage. With everything in one place, you can relax and easily leave/pack up the car the next day. This is a very simple tip, but can make a big difference when you’ve got a lot on your plate. 

Fully Charge Your Phones (and portable charger if you have one) 

Last but not least, make sure that all of the passengers phones are fully charged and also take a fully charged portable charger if you have one. Almost all of our travel documents are on our phone these days, so it is essential that you are able to access them (although as mentioned we’d always advise having a paper copy). 

You might think your flight is only short so 50% charge is enough, but if there are ever delays, you’ll regret not fully charging it. 

Final Thoughts

These are very simple tips but can make such a difference when you are feeling overwhelmed in the run up to your holiday.