3 Travel Outfit Ideas For Any Summer Holiday

Planning a getaway? Once your hotel and flights are booked, your itinerary is planned and you’ve found the suitcases, it’s time to go shopping for some fresh new holiday outfits. Whilst most locations are fairly low key and casual, there are some occasions where you might need something a little more formal. But, with enough planning you should be able to put  together a selection of holiday outfits to last your entire trip and cover any plans you may have.

The key with holiday outfit planning is to put together a few key pieces. This not only helps with putting outfits together, but helps keep luggage lighter, too! Some key pieces to add to your holiday wardrobe can include cami dresses, midi skirts, shorts and cute sandals. But, depending where you may be travelling, you might think that you need to pack different wardrobes. 

For example, if you’re travelling somewhere tropical, it’s easy to rely on humidity-friendly clothing that flows, whereas if you’re planning a European city break, you might be reliant on light, comfortable layers. But, there are some fail safe outfit options that can suit any holiday. Let’s take a look at some holiday outfits that are perfect for any summer getaway. 


Travel Day

On travel day, comfort is key no matter your destination and there are many different ways in which you can travel in both comfort and style. If you’re going long-haul, then layers are your best friend as it can be chilly on the plane out, but warm when you get to your destination. In this situation, joggers worn with a womens crop top and oversized check shirt or hoodie looks effortlessly stylish, especially when worn with white trainers, and is comfortable and warm. By layering warmer layers with a crop top, you can take the hoodie or shirt off once you reach your destination and feel cool and comfortable. 

For shorter flights, you might be restricted in terms of luggage, as some airlines charge for hold luggage. This means you’re restricted to hand luggage only, so be sure to pack light. With you travel outfit, you can make the most of limited luggage pace by wearing larger or heavier items, such as a leather jacket or layering a hoodie with cycle shorts and trainers, ready to hit the sights when you land. 


Day Trip

You can never be quite sure where a day trip is going to take you, whether it’s a cultural trip around the nearest city or sitting on a boat exploring the local islands. The key to dressing for day trips is light and comfortable, with some removable layers. Pair a midi dress with trainers for a chic outfit perfect for exploring old cities, or for boat trips, wear a one piece underneath a wrap kimono dress with sandals so that, if you fancy a spot of sunbathing or cooling dip in the sea during a stop, you’re not wearing heavy layers that won’t dry. An oversized tote is perfect for packing some water, sunscreen and sunglasses. 


Evening Drinks

No matter where you’re heading on holiday, there is nothing better after a long day in the sun than enjoying a few drinks and a nice evening meal. Day wear on holiday is fairly casual, usually consisting of shorts and a tee whilst you’re going from A to B, so the evening is your time to be a little more stylish. 

If you’re heading out to a local bar or restaurant, then you might want to wear something a bit smarter, so consider packing a nice cami dress that can be worn with either  heels or sandals for a chic look. Planning on staying in the hotel? Then wear a nice midi dress or pair white denim shorts with a cute resort shirt and sandals for a smart/casual look.