5 Safety Moving Tips for Moving During Winter

Singing along to “Let it snow, let it snow” is easy when you are inside a warm, snugly, and cozy apartment. No care in the world, only watching and getting lost in the dazzling display of snowflakes falling. Winter can be a magical time in Australia, despite its harshness. What’s not anything from above is doing any sort of work since it has that unnecessary layer of difficulty added. Some tasks, like moving, can’t be postponed, so some level of adapting is required. Fret not, as moving thru winter is not as difficult as you imagine. With plenty of practical know-how available plus some of our tips, you’ll be back inside singing winter songs in no time.

1. Time is your ally

Moving anywhere is a planned event. Your move is not something that happens overnight, suddenly and unannounced. The precise date of the moving operation is known and scheduled ahead. With that in mind, you have all the time between now and then to plan and get organized. Using any of the planning apps, available for free online, you can start to segment the moving process into pieces. This means you can pick and choose the order of what’s going first and last, separate your more fragile items for the latter or do some of the moving processes yourself. By that, we mean the next item on the list.

2. Non-essentials VS Essentials

It may seem counterintuitive, but your non-essential items can go first. Whatever these may be in your entire inventory, these items that you can live without are those that you can already start to move to your new place. Doing so will speed up the entire move process, lower the overall costs and free up your time along the way. Moving can get hectic and overbearing, so getting ahead of the game makes it that much easier to handle. A partial and segmented approach leaves you with more room to maneuver and add to other items.

3. Helping hand

Any type of job that you do during the wintertime can be that much easier with a friend alongside. Winter is the time of joy, and the more people are involved, the merrier. At any time, you can go thru your phonebook and call upon favours. Pizza and beer are tradition but so are potential damage, hassle and organizing the entire thing. When you put it all on paper, all of the costs involved start to ramp up shy high. 

Plan B which you can turn to is hiring reliable and fast Sydney removalists to do the job for you. What seems like an expense at first soon turns into a valuable investment that will leave you with plenty of time and energy to devote to other, more important, events in your life. We all know that wintertime is full of them, so it makes sense to spend your time with your family celebrating and not overloading your car and schedule.

4. Deconstruct

Try to imagine moving a big table on ice. Now let’s try the same with a heavy wooden wardrobe. In movies, it’s presented as a funny and joyous occasion. Reality is often different and harsh. Massive items that need to be moved during winter can oppose a big challenge. With all the usual difficulties, now we have to factor in the weather as well. To prevent any future damages and to ease the process, these items can usually be disassembled. Your table becomes one board with four legs, in this example, with which you can now maneuver with greater ease. When implementing this approach, your back is grateful, less physical energy is required, less space on the moving van/truck is needed and you lower the overall chances of accidents happening to you, your inventory and the surrounding area. 

5. Break the ice

Prepare the field of battle for moving. Whenever people and machines will be, ice is not welcome. Shovel and some elbow grease do the job just fine but you can also salt the ice. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that ice is not there to cause any surprises.


Embarking on any new adventure is daunting at first. It gets easier with each step, so make sure not to get discouraged before you even try. Any actions you take are, after all, better than none. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.