Is A Beach House A Good Investment Property?

Is A Beach House A Good Investment Property?

Surfs up and other fun activities are back on the table! Going to the beach is always the smart move but living there is the next best thing. However, it is not all fun and games as many people think. The Beach house property has its ups and downs, like waves seen from the balcony. Knowing both and realistically assessing the situation makes the whole ordeal enjoyable. From the good to the bad, we will try and offer our honest assistance in what may be your next adventure!

1. Long term investment and costs

Beach houses are here to stay! As with any house, once you have them, it’s kind of hard to let go. The appeal of going down to the beach, enjoying all the healthy benefits of it, and living there are all great. So much so that we can’t even list them all. As with any investment, it pays for itself down the line, day by day. As the days go by and you are basking in the sun and enjoying the ocean, you will soon realise that you can even leave the home for future generations to come. 

That will make you the best grandparent ever, for sure. On the other side, if you want them to last, then you will have to maintain them. Constant exposure to sun, sea, salt, dampness and wind takes its toll on them, and you will need to be on top of these costs at all times. Like the sand on your deck, they will pile up if you don’t clean them up regularly.

2. Location, location, location

All beach houses are beautiful, but not all beaches are equal. Location is king for any real estate segment. If you are looking to rent, then your beach house needs to be in a tourist hotspot. Or at least nearby. Having the best beach house in the world means nothing if it is hidden away from the world. Maybe it will be attractive to those who seek privacy but that’s a smaller segment. To not worry about such items, professionals for real estate in Whitsundays can help you find the right client for you. Segments, market research, actual price, paperwork and all that can topple over you like a wave if you don’t have a trusted ally at your side. 

3. High income – high investment

Beach houses can rent at any time. People want to be there, enjoy themselves and have fun during their vacation. Or to permanently lives inside one. Renting or selling, both can turn out great! However, you turn it, you have what everyone wants, and with that, you can capitalise. There is no need to let that prime real estate go to waste as people are lining up to get them. Renting and keeping them fully booked is certainly a better alternative to none. 

You can charge a premium based on location alone, without factoring in how much luxury are you willing to put inside them. While all of that sounds great, we have to stay objective and consider the costs. Higher income means higher taxes. Beach property is also a luxury, so there are additional taxes there. People are drawn in and enticed by the probability of a larger payoff. But, some time needs to pass before you break even and start swimming in the green side of the profits. 

Embarking on any new adventure seems daunting at first. There is so much to do, and many people give up before they even start. There is nothing to freat as it gets easier the more you get into it. Step by step, bit by bit, you will soon find yourself amidst the entire ordeal. Before you know it, you will be able to see the fruits of your labour manifest before your very eyes. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. All that is left is to sit back, relax in a hammock and listen to the sound of waves.