How To Keep Your Motivation Working From Home

How To Keep Your Motivation Working From Home

Working from home was a novelty at first, less commuting, working from the comfort of your sofa and having a bit more of a relaxed routine. The issue is that nobody thought that it would quite last this long. Now, more people than ever have the opportunity to work from home, the issue is that some are now finding it increasingly difficult to follow a normal routine. Yes, working from home was great, but it definitely has its downsides. Lack of human interaction, lack of motivation and weaker mental health are just some of the drawbacks of working from home. In this article, we will go through some helpful tips on how to improve your motivation when you are working from home. This could be anything from taking your magnesium supplements to boost your concentration or having a declutter to clear the mind, so let’s get stuck in. 

Get Outdoors 

There is always a good reason to go outdoors. Many health professionals will actually tell people to do this when they have anxiety or depression as it helps to clear the mind. Not only does it benefit you for clear headspace, but it also stops you from sitting around all day and improves your motivation levels. Now the winter months are drawing in, it is more important than ever to get some fresh air as you will start to wake up in the dark and then go home and it will be dark. It is recommended to try and get some sort of sunlight so try and schedule a walk when you have sunlight as it will break up your day. Whether you prefer to have some quiet or listen to music, try to cut off from work and have your own break. Daylight exposure and exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your positivity and motivation.

Declutter Your Office Space

Many people can work in clutter and mess, but for the most part, a tidy office, a tidy mind. Having an organised workspace not only benefits your productivity, but it is also great for your mental and physical health. A study was conducted and there has been a direct link between clutter and the stress hormone cortisol and also found that people who have a seriously cluttered home are  77% more likely to be overweight. 

You can easily organise and declutter your office by removing all of the unwanted paper and unnecessary items that you don’t use. You could even declutter your computer so that everything is where it should be without having to search everything for it. 

Dress For Work 

Clothes give you the confidence you want every day and give you strong psychological motivation when working from home. It is extremely easy to just get out of bed and start working, but this isn’t doing you any favours. The best way to give you that morning motivation is to get up early, have a shower and get dressed into something appropriate for work. A study at the University of Hertfordshire found that dressing too casually can make you less focused and alert which will have a direct impact on your work. 

When you wear an outfit or piece of garment, your characteristics will change to match what you are wearing, so wearing pyjamas will leave you tired and unmotivated. Wearing a suit will make you more alert. Obviously, you don’t need a suit for working from home, but you should definitely not be in your pyjamas so start looking for a work from a home wardrobe full of comfy trousers, basic tees and jumpers. 

Take Regular Breaks

When you work from home it is all too easy to just work through your breaks and lunch just to get everything complete.  This is the reason why it is vital that you set some time aside for yourself by allowing yourself to have your lunch and two 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Working long hours without a break will leave you feeling drained and will also have an effect on your physical health just as joint problems and repetitive strain injury. Having a break will give you more energy, increase your motivation and improve your focus dramatically.