5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Posture

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Posture

Prolonged sitting in bad or inadequate chairs, constantly typing on your phone or not knowing when to stop using your PC can all lead to severe health issues. From neck, back and chest pains, our spine can have trouble keeping up. As it is one of the most vital organs and parts of our body, it makes sense to take care of it as best as we can. And while our modern way of life can put a strain on our health, we shouldn’t ignore the signs our body sends us. If you are experiencing pain in your back and neck, chances are that your body needs your help.

1. Daily Exercise

Physical activity, even as little as ten minutes per day, can be beneficial. Our bodies thrive from moving and being active. To explain it as simply as possible, our muscles are there to help our bones and to support them. If we don’t exercise them, they get stiff and lazy which leads to our bones picking up the slack and, they aren’t as versatile and durable for the job. As such, regular exercises can help your muscle in your daily tasks and routines of bearing the load so that your bones don’t have to.

2. Various accessories can help

There are many things that you can get and apply to help you with this. For example, a proper working chair is necessary if you are working from home or an office job. Sitting in front of a screen for eight hours a day in a low-quality chair is destroying your posture and, with a simple change, you can change that. Your footwear can provide future support with various shoe insoles and gels.

Also, your mattress plays a vital role in this. As we spend the third of our lives sleeping, investing in a quality mattress that supports your back and helps you relax is paramount. With all or some of the listed things, you can tackle the problem from many sides and start feeling better as you help your back and neck.

3. Consult with a Professional

As mentioned, our spine needs all the help it can get. Feeling pain or trying to live with it is not recommended at all and, you should push yourself thru that. With reliable and safe scoliosis treatment from trained professionals, you can start to feel better even after just a couple of treatments. Acknowledging that you have a problem and actively seeking help is the right thing to do in this situation. Everything concerning your spine can complicate things, but having advice and guidance from many experienced therapists and doctors can make all the difference.

4. Always remind yourself of your Posture

Many of us spend a lot of time behind the wheel. In those situations, while we are focusing on the road it’s easy to forget or ignore everything about our posture. But our neck and back don’t have the luxury and, they have to work overtime. Just as you are trying to sit properly in your chair or desk, the same has to be applied for when you are driving. For example, if you are driving for about an hour a day, with proper posture, you are doing lightening the load and helping your back for the entire time.

.5. Look up as much as possible

It may sound silly but, propping up your electronic devices is an easy, quick and effective way of helping your posture. Your monitor, TVs, tablets etc. should all be in eye length or higher. We subconsciously hold our tablets and phones way down but try lifting them more to your eyesight. Also, if you raise your monitor stand or TV stand, you will have to look a bit higher and, this helps our neck muscles and backs a lot more than bending down.

With simple tricks and a bit of adapting, anything can be solved. Taking care of one’s health can be considered as an investment into the future. Our body remembers everything we do and rewards or punishes our behavior. As we are getting older, it pays out to take care of ourselves and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Without any pain, that is.