3 Tips For Email Marketing Success

3 Tips For Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, and as with any area of digital, it is constantly changing, as are your customers. It is important that you are up to date with what your customers want to see, as they are no longer just passive consumers who will happily buy into any marketing strategy. Consumers are picky and have a massively saturated market to shop in, so if your strategy isn’t up to scratch, they will look elsewhere. There are so many benefits to email marketing, so it’s time to up your game with your strategy! 

Offer Quality Content 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to email marketing success is to offer quality content. Whilst making money will be an end goal of email marketing, as with any component of marketing, brand awareness is also likely to be a goal. Going in head-first with sales strategies all the time isn’t necessarily the most effective method. 

So, quite simply, with every email you send out, make sure you are offering your customer quality content that they will benefit from in some way. In some cases, this will be an exclusive discount code or offer, but other times, it will be well thought through content that they will make use of. If you have a garden furniture company, this could be a seasonal email discussing how they can maintain their garden in that season. This could then include a link to the website to a blog post about maintaining garden furniture during that same time. 

If all of your marketing emails are very salesy, your customers are likely to feel distanced from the brand. Showing your understanding of them and providing content based on that is the best way to go about your email marketing campaigns. 

Don’t Oversend 

The next tip is to avoid oversending when it comes to email marketing. Anyone is likely to have experienced being sent way too many marketing emails from a particular company, getting annoyed and unsubscribing as a result. There is far less value in your emails if you send them all the time, which will reduce the open rate and therefore the success of the campaign. Also, spamming your customers with emails is not going to help you to build a solid and trusting customer base. 

Sending an email once a week or once every two weeks is the best choice to keep your customers engaged but without overwhelming them. 

Incorporate Your Branding Throughout

The next tip is to make sure you incorporate your branding throughout. When your customer sees and reads your email, you want it to be instantly recognisable. If they are a loyal customer, seeing a clear sense of branding is likely to increase their trust and likelihood to click through to the website. Plus, if you are targeting new audiences, the stronger your brand becomes in all areas of marketing, the more people are aware of it and the more potential customers you can gain. 

So, you need to focus on your branding within emails in terms of both appearance (your logo, colour palette, imagery) and your tone of voice. Working with a design agency Manchester or London based is the best way to do this and usually you will be able to purchase a template that you can alter each time, rather than needing to invest on an ongoing basis. Remember, this should include your logo, colour palette, fonts, imagery, positioning, tone of voice and vocabulary. These components should all be consistent across all of your marketing platforms! 

Final Thoughts

Being successful in the world of email marketing can be more difficult than it seems, but trying these three tips is a great place to start. Make sure to offer quality content, not just focusing on promotions and gaining sales. When you do this properly, sales will come eventually. Second, make sure you don’t oversend. You are likely to drive customers away rather than encourage them to stay loyal to your company. Finally, incorporate your branding throughout from all angles in your email, both visually and verbally. With these tips, you will be well on your way to email marketing success in no time!