10 Awesome Ideas to Transform A Boring Bedroom

10 Awesome Ideas to Transform A Boring Bedroom

Do you feel like your room could use a little change? Do you feel like your bedroom may lack something personal or something that would make it look uniquely yours? Are you constantly coming up with new ideas of how to redesign your room but you’re not sure how to start? Well, this list of creative ideas will help you rearrange your whole room and make it feel more personal. 

Show Your Artistic Side

Don’t be afraid to show your artistic side. If you have any empty spots in the room or on the walls, use your imagination to fill up that space and express your artistic side. Whether you want to buy a cool print from a small business owner, or you want to create some fun DIY decorations on your own, don’t shy away from experimenting with colours and shapes to bring in some lively art into your living space. 

Highlight a Great Headboard

The headboard is usually there just for practical reasons, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a boring and plain headboard that doesn’t add any flavour to your room design. You can always redesign your headboard and make it the focal point of your whole bedroom. For instance, if your bedroom predominantly has neutral tones and colours you can make a statement with bold emerald green or any other bold colour that will give your room a fresh new look. 

Add Metallic Elements

If you want to add nice bling to your bedroom design, incorporating a few metallic elements is a great choice. Any kind of touch of shine, glass, or metal surface can be a beautiful addition to the room. You can opt for warm metallic pieces such as gold, or you can go for classic cold tones like silver or chrome metallic pieces. The important thing here is not to overdo it. You shouldn’t pack your room with too many metallic elements. Just keep it minimalistic and classy. 

Choose Colourful Throw Pillows

If the majority of your room design is filled with neutral tones and colours, throwing in a few colourful pillows on the bed can be a nice way for you to bring some lively colours into your bedroom without overdoing it. You can mix and match different colours, shapes, fabrics, and patterns to create a fresh new look for your bed or couch. 

Change your Curtains

Curtains can actually play a big role in your bedroom design. They can add a nice surprising touch or complement the room design like a beautiful frame. Think about what kind of aesthetics you want to achieve in your room. If you are looking for something warm and vintage, opt for simple and warm tones. On the other hand, if you want your room to have a certain amount of elegance and minimalism, modern curtains are absolutely the best. 

Update Your Lighting

The lighting can make such a huge change for a room. If you know how to play with lighting and place it around the room strategically, you can achieve the certain atmosphere that you are looking for. You can look for special chandelier designs. You can invest in a light dimmer. Lastly, you can opt for placing smaller sources of light around the room for setting a warmer and cosier vibe in your bedroom.

Start an Indoor Garden

Introducing some house plants is another great way for you to let some colour into your bedroom. You can start a small indoor garden full of lovely and colourful plants. Not only is this great for your health, but it’s an amazing piece of decoration for your room. 

Create an Accent Wall

Your bed headboard doesn’t have to be the main and only focal point in your bedroom. You can also have a nice accent wall to light up the room. If the majority of your room is white or in any neutral tone, you can pick one wall and paint it in a colour of your choice or use wallpaper to bring in a fun design that will serve as an interesting focal point in your room. 

Use Mirrors

If you know how to nicely implement mirrors in your bedroom, they can help create a whole new look and make your bedroom feel like a completely different space. First of all, if arranged and placed around the room strategically, mirrors can make your room appear much larger than what it is. Since mirrors reflect light, if you have large windows, the mirrors will reflect the natural lighting and create an illusion of a much bigger space.

Secondly, mirrors come in various different shapes and they can have very beautiful frames that can perfectly complement the theme and design of your entire bedroom. So, don’t shy away from experimenting with fun shapes and different sizes when it comes to mirrors. This can truly transform the whole look of your room. On top of that, you can always try to DIY your mirrors by decorating the mirror frames yourself. You can paint all over them, find fake flowers and plants to stick to the frames, decorate it with various different materials, and many other options. After all, it is your mirror and you can decorate it however you want to fit the aesthetics you want to create. Go ahead and be creative. 

Update Your Bedding

Your bedding may also be the most important element when it comes to tying the whole design and look together. Not only is it meant to be comfy, but your bedding should also fit into the whole aesthetics of your room. So, pick bedding that either fits nicely with the colour of your walls or any other accent colour in your room. 


All in all, the mixture of all of these tips together can help you design a room of your dreams that will make you feel extra comfy and cosy whenever you spend time in your bedroom.