How to Renovate Your House Exterior On A Budget

How to Renovate Your House Exterior On A Budget

Waking up one day and saying “Yea, today’s the day I remodel the entire house” is not something most of us do. The very thought of contractors, expenses, and hassle is more than enough to sway anyone away from this endeavour, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Sitting down with a drink or a cup of coffee and planning the dreamy new look for your home can be a fun, productive, and profitable experience. Not breaking the bank and not having to go thru extreme stress during the renovation period is paramount, and it is easily achievable.  It all starts with a simple list which should start like this:

1. Finding the Right Person for the Job.

It’s all about who you know and trust. In marketing, word of mouth is considered a priceless form of advertisement, and you should apply the same at this stage. Reach out to your friends and relatives, who probably, have done some renovating in the near past. Talk to them over a nice cup of coffee and note down their experience. A good, reliable, punctual, and fair contractor can make all the difference for your project. Those who do a fair job can plan and will incorporate your ideas and designs into the final product. 

2. A fresh Coat of Paint.

It can do wonders on the overall look of your nice little heaven. Change is good and perhaps you already are bored of looking at the same old facade every day. Even if you like the colour, it could use a freshening up. After weathering countless storms, winters, winds, and all other things Mother Nature threw at it, your trusty old facade could use a facelift. 

Besides the obvious difference that a fresh coat of paint brings, it comes with added benefits. Your property value increases, your neighbours will be jealous and modern paints can offer various layers of protection against mould and elements.

3. Roof Refreshment.

Having a leaky roof because of a single shingle causing a leak can lead to a whole other stream of problems. You can at least inspect the roof and attic for any signs of damage, leaks, or old parts that could cause nasty surprises if not supervised.

Checking your gutters is also a part of it. Imagine yourself admiring the fresh new coat of paint on the facade, only for it to be completely ruined by leaky, old, rusted gutters. Cheap and reliable gutter replacement is possible, and it’s a worthwhile investment that pays for itself in the damage it prevents.

4. From the Windows to the Doors.

You know, as they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. A simple coat of paint over your front door can freshen up the look, and you can maybe even do something that matches your new facade? 

Doors and windows are vital when it comes to isolation as a lot of your heat (or cool, fresh air during the summer) can simply seep out if they are worn out or in need of replacing. This is one more investment that can pay itself off in a couple of years with the added benefits of blending and accommodating the new look of your home. 

5. Tips and Tricks

Since we are on a budget, saving on bits and pieces, here and there is what can make or break the project. Now, there is no point in saving on the essentials that will make the whole thing go to waste. All that’s needed is some elbow grease from you. The first thing to know is that contractors have seasons of work. Summertime and around Christmas is prime time for them, so, if possible, try to schedule them before or in between these times as they have more time, and better prices, to offer you. Doing some prep work, like cleaning around the house, making room for the contractors to start immediately, and cleaning after them can shave off valuable costs and help you stay within your planned budget.

Gathering the will to start is half the job, and we hope that the above tips and tricks help you in just that. The rest is up to you in selecting the perfect and dreamy new look for your home. After all, is done and the dust settles, you can be proud of what you achieved.