Basic Safety Features You Should Have In A Home Security System

Basic Safety Features You Should Have In A Home Security System

Home security is so important that you need to have some sort of system installed, even if it is an inexpensive, basic one. Of course, the more features you have installed, the more security it will provide. A security system can guard against intruders as well as fire and even flooding. Increasing your home security is vital to the enjoyment of your space. There are easy ways that you can make your home more secure, adding to your peace of mind. There are many home improvement projects that can increase home safety are easy for almost any homeowner to tackle. Here are some features you may want for your home security system.

Trim Hedges

Hedges act as a natural shield, and burglars love them. If you have tall hedges that block your windows, criminals simply use them for cover while they peek in your windows, break your locks and attempt to gain entry. Keep them short and trimmed regularly. Ask a friend to stand behind them, then view your home from the street. If you can’t see your friend, your bushes are too high.

In addition, trim away any tree branches that hang near second-story windows. Criminals can simply climb your tree and gain access to your home.

Install External Lights

Criminals love darkness. Install motion-activated lights on your property that will deter intruders and deprive them of the cover they need to burglarize your home. Place these lights above doorways, near windows and around other dark areas surrounding your home. Even small landscaping lights make a difference here. Criminals hate a brightly lit home, so simply adding a few walkway lights will serve as a deterrent.

Install Internal Lights

If you are going to be away from your home at night, consider installing a timer that will turn your lights on at random intervals. The key here is to make it appear as though your home is occupied. Switch up the timer so that the lights don’t come on at the same time each night. Criminals may watch a home for a few days and learn the pattern.

Make Your Home Smart

There are smart devices that will help to secure your home and deter criminals. A smart doorbell allows you to see who is at the door, even if you are away from home. Smart cameras are excellent for keeping an eye on the perimeter of your home. Smart locks eliminate the need for keys and are impenetrable to thieves.

Motion Detecting Alarms

Motion detecting alarms can alert you in various ways. The alarm may turn on a light, activate an audible alarm, begin a camera recording, or send an alert to your phone. You can place motion detectors outside to catch intruders as they walk close to your house by turning on a camera and lighting up the yard. Indoors, a motion detector alarm is ideal for use at night since the movement of an intruder will trigger the alarm and let you know someone is in the house. Motion detectors can even alert you to an intruder when you’re away by sending a text alert that the alarm has been activated.

Secured Doors and Windows

Your security system isn’t complete without locking down the entrance points to your home. Windows and doors should be able to withstand a blow from a blunt object if your goal is to prevent break-ins. You can find shatter-proof glass or films made to help increase the resilience of your current windows. Additionally, there are specially made frames that anchor your windows and doors to your house. Security doors are another option for securing your entry way. They are made with solid pieces of metal that are much harder to break than your standard doors.

Lock Your Window and Doors

One of the most common ways that burglars enter your home is by walking in the unlocked front door. Upgrading your entry points is one way to secure your home, but one important element is keeping them locked up at night. Keep your doors locked at all times and install secure locks on all of your windows. Consider installing upgraded locks or even smart locks if needed.

Front Door Camera

Video cameras are a big help for increasing home security and personal safety. While having cameras mounted around your house is a good idea, at the very least, you should consider installing a door camera. This lets you know when someone is near your door trying to break in or snooping around. If the person knocks, you can see them and respond to them without having to open the door. This keeps an intruder from kicking your door in when you open it to see who is knocking. These cameras function if you are at home or not. You’ll even be able to answer your door remotely if you choose, so the stranger knocking won’t think your home is vacant.

Remote Viewing

One good reason to have a home security camera installed is so you can monitor your home while traveling. Be sure to buy an alarm system with a camera that allows you to view the recordings and live feed on a tablet or phone. If you travel a lot, this gives you peace of mind that your home is okay while you’re away. If your spouse and kids are at home, you’ll be able to watch them and even interact with them through the system and do things like check door locks to make sure they’re safe.

There are many types of alarm systems to choose from, and they are available in different price ranges depending on what you want to get. You can buy a high-definition camera and alarms for all your windows and doors, or you can buy something as a starter that you can afford and add on to later. Additionally, when it comes to projects that keep your home safe, even simple fixes work well in keeping you protected like maintaining your yard and keeping your house locked at night.