How To Pick The Right Watch For Every Occasion

How To Pick The Right Watch For Every Occasion

A beautifully crafted watch can complete a look and set you out from the crowd. If you have an active busy lifestyle doing activities and you would like a watch but don’t know where to begin, then this article will help you tremendously. 

Choosing the right watch doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By understanding what your needs from the watch are, this then gives you a selection of watches which are perfectly suited for you and your needs. Once you understand this, you will be looking for watches for every occasion. 

Why Have Different Watches for Different Occasions

Your current watch you have may be the one that you wish you had for special occasions but you end up wearing it every day due to you needing a watch. We all know how you feel when you forget to put your watch on and you feel naked without it. Now, you either need another one for special occasions or you need one for everyday use. Owning a variety of watches gives you options and benefits which we will go through.

Flexible: When you are looking to match your watch with your outfit, it becomes much easier to match when you have a variety of watches. For example, if you’re wearing urban streetwear, you will want a large sporty watch like a G-shock.

Stylish: Fashion and watches go hand in hand and provide a sense of respectability. If you wear a stylish watch, you’re sure to stand out when at an event.  

Variety: If you have only one watch and you wear it everyday, you may be getting sick of wearing it. Having a variety of shakes up the routine.

Precaution: If you are exercising, you wouldn’t want to wear a luxurious watch just in case it breaks. Having a variety of watches where you can wear more durable watches when doing exercise is a benefit in itself. 

Back-ups: When you need to add a link or have your battery changed, you will be glad that you have a variety of watches.

How To Pick The Perfect Watch For Every Occasion

Once you have decided that you want to add onto your watch collection, then you should think about why you want to wear a specific watch.

  • The events, activities and roles in life.
  • What you spend most of your time doing.
  • Your style and what you wear to different occasions.
  • How much you want to spend on each watch. (Remember, these will fluctuate)
  • How often can you  take your watch for maintenance?

When you take these factors into account, it makes it easier tailoring your watches to your needs.

A great way to pick the right watch for your occasion is firstly by preference or what you are wearing. Consider your belt and shoes, as these should always be matching too. If you are wearing leather shoes and a belt, opt for a leather strap. If you are wearing something sporty, wear a more casual watch. 

Consider The Occasion

So you already know what you want from a watch, it just depends on what watch you want to choose. With the amount of amazing brands out there, it can be a difficult decision choosing the right watch for the right occasion. 

Professional Settings

When searching for a watch for interviews, meetings or work, you will want something timeless and classic. Your watch should show the more elegant side of you but without drawing too much attention as this is all about reflecting professional etiquette.

Something minimal, like a TAG Heuer Carerra will show that you take pride in your appearance and what you wear as your accessories. The leather strap gives the watch a professional appearance whilst also goes with your shoes, belt and even your suit if you wear one. 

Outdoor Use & Sportswear

You don’t want to be going outdoors or doing sports in your professional watch. For sports and outdoor activities, you should go for a more useful and durable watch. You should go for something with a chronograph so that it can be a useful piece of kit. A chronograph can measure elapsed time so it’s definitely worth considering. Making the watch lightweight and premium quality will benefit you massively.

When choosing a sports watch you can go a bit more adventurous. Rather than going for the same silver, black or brown, opt for a Breitling Superocean Automatic. With a steel casing and navy blue rubber strap, the watch is durable and a perfect outdoor watch. 


From deep sea diving to swimming at the beach, you don’t want any water damage on these bad boys. Unless you are going for a tan, you are more than likely going to bring your watch everywhere. For this you will need a water resistant watch that still looks refined.

A watch like the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Co Axial Master Chronometer is one of the best bases for a water resistant watch. It has a helium release valve which enables you to adjust the watch in fluctuating pressures. 


If you are a  busy person who travels from country to country on business or are travelling, then a watch with universal time and one that can be adjusted as you go to different countries. A timepiece like the Jaeger LeCoultre Geophysic is a more than adequate luxury option. 

This watch displays 24 different cities times with the 24 major time zones, the only adjusting you need to do is for local timing, rather than having to change all the hands, all the time. Choosing a durable watch for travelling is essential as you never know what the terrain is going to be like so it should be a great all rounder but also look great with what you are wearing.

If you were struggling to understand which watches to go with your occasion, then this should be more than helpful to get you the best fit for your needs. The best thing to remember is to know what your lifestyle needs and fill that need with a watch.