15 Intelligent Bathroom Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Space

15 Intelligent Bathroom Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Space

Keeping the bathroom clean and tidy can be challenging, especially with a small bathroom. Things are constantly lying around and there seems to never be enough storage space. Well, here is how you can make the most of the space you have and declutter the mess in the bathroom. 

Turn False Drawers into a Tip-Out Tray

One of the most effective ways to make more space in the bathroom is to use a tip-out tray. If you don’t have one you can easily turn your false drawer into one of them. It is a simple and very affordable solution. You get to use the furniture that you already have and turn it into a new piece of furniture that has more space.  The newly created storage space can then be used for storing toothbrushes, razors, toothpaste, skincare products and so on. This way, your countertop will stay clean. 

Add Toe-Kick Drawers

To create more storage space, you need to think creatively and use every possible corner in the bathroom you can find. A lot of people tend to neglect the bottom of the vanity in their bathroom. However, this part of the vanity can be used very wisely for some extra space. All you need to do is install a toe-kick drawer and you will have some extra storage space. This is where you can store washcloths, sponges, and hand towels.

Build a Pull-Out Drawer

If you want an organised storage space where you can easily spot things when you are in a rush, building a pull-out drawer is a perfect option for you. You can easily achieve this by converting your old cabinet shelves and turning them into drawers. This is where you can store everyday items like hair tools, hair products, medicine, makeup, skincare products, and so on. 

Opt for Full-Length Vanity Drawers

If you want to get more counter space in the bathroom, the best place for that is your vanity. When buying a vanity at the bathroom store, make sure to look for ones that have full-length drawers. They will give you enough space to store all of the necessary things that would otherwise take space on the counter. 

On the other hand, you can also choose to do a little DIY project on your own and convert the drawers in your vanity instead of buying a new one. Once you convert the drawer, you can use the new space to store your beauty products, hair tools, and other stuff. 

Install Hidden Double Drawers

Speaking of drawers, you can also install hidden drawers inside your already-existing ones. That way, you will have double drawers and extra storing space in the bathroom. It might not be a large storing space but you can use it to store items such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, soap, and so on. 

Hide Drawers below Overhanging Counters

Long bathroom countertops can be transformed to create more space. All you need to do I add a storage drawer into the already-existing counter. This is a great built-in storage idea and it can work just as great for a bathtub. This can create easy access to soaps, candles, bath salts, and many other things.

Go with an Over-the-Door Shelf

This one is not so secretive type of storage but it works well, especially if you have a lot of unused space above the bathroom door. Simply build or buy some shelves and you can install them over the bathroom door. This space is still within your reach and you can use it for storing items like towels, toilet paper, washcloths, and so on. 

Take Advantage of Cabinet Doors

When it comes to creating more storage space in the bathroom, don’t forget the back of cabinet doors. You can easily make more room thereby hanging magnetic strips on the backside of the door. Here, you can store bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers, and other essentials used for grooming. You can also try using stick-on lightweight baskets to store nail polish, cotton balls, and makeup brushes. 

Create Safe Storage for Hot Tools

You also need to create safe storage for the hot tools. Find a place where you would only store items such as a curling iron, a blow dryer, and other styling tools. Simply leaving it on the countertop is too dangerous. Not only can you end up breaking some of it by accident, but you could also harm yourself. Use a hidden drawer somewhere in the bathroom to store these tools. You can even go a step further and install a power outlet in the drawer. That will make getting ready in the morning a lot easier and quicker. 

Utilize Under-the-Sink Storage

If you want to create a minimalistic look for your bathroom by keeping stuff off the counter, using a space underneath the sink is the best way to go. Make the most of this space by installing shelves with shelf risers, clear containers, baskets, or even a Lazy Susan. This is where you can store your hair products, toilet paper, cleaning products, or any other bathroom necessities.

Incorporate a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

You can also use the space above the sink in a creative way and make some extra space for your medications. You can achieve this by installing a recessed medicine cabinet. This cabinet will give you a mirror, but it will also be your secret spot for keeping cotton balls, lotion, medicine, and other smaller items. 

Try a Mirror with Hidden Storage

The mirror in the bathroom doesn’t just have to be there to let you know how you look in the morning. It’s not just a decorative piece you use when applying makeup. It can also be a storage space. Install a mirror that has shelf space behind it or on the sides of it. It is a great storage solution. It may not provide large storage space, but it’s enough for storing smaller items like cotton balls, perfumes, and other small stuff. 

Stow Items under the Bathtub

Don’t shy away from using unusual spots in the bathroom for extra storage space. If your bathtub has some hollow space beneath it, use that too. You can add a hidden push drawer and use it to store soaps, shampoos, sponges, towels, your kids’ bath toys, and other stuff. 

Opt for a Hidden Step Stool

You can also use the space beneath your cabinets in a very creative way. You can add a hidden step stool in that space. This is a perfect solution, especially for kid’s bathroom. It can be used for storage space and the kid will be also able to use the stool to reach the sink. Plus, this way it will be hidden and out of the way. You can pull it out only when you are using it. 

Design a Pull-out Hamper

Lastly, this tip is great for storing dirty laundry. If you want to make sure that the laundry is no longer lying around waiting to be washed, design a pull-out hamper for your bathroom. Find a space in your bathroom where the hamper won’t be in your way, like at the end of the vanity or between the sinks. That way your bathroom will look clean and decluttered.


In conclusion, there are many great and creative ways to create more storage space in the bathroom. Combine a few of these from the list above and your bathroom will look impeccably clean.