10 Facts About Removing Surgical Staples Without Tool That Will Make You Think Twice

10 Facts About Removing Surgical Staples Without Tool That Will Make You Think Twice

Surgery is a dangerous term, and surgical staples make them sound even more so. Paramedics take special care in stitching, suturing, or stapling incision as much as they take time in operating you. Therefore, it is not advisable to remove surgical staples without a tool. Removing your own staples at home, without a tool by yourself might ruin the wound or incision leading to an infection.

This shows how dangerous it might be to pull such a stunt by yourself. Hence, look out for anyone or by yourself via thelawadvisory.com who is looking for ways on how to remove surgical staples without tools. It might mean the difference between a successful surgery and an unsuccessful one.

Here are 10 eye-opening facts about removing surgical staples without tools that will make you rethink your decision.

Why should you not remove surgical staples without a tool?

Fact 1: It may cause infection

A surgical staple is made of plastic, titanium, or other solid material. Therefore, removing it incorrectly may cause it to be septic in turn causing an infection. Infections after surgery are more dangerous and painful than the surgery itself.

Therefore, it is recommended to go see a doctor or paramedic who knows how to remove surgical staples without tools or with tools.

Fact 2: It may cause permanent scarring

There is a certain angle required to remove a surgical staple from your skin. If you deviate from that, it may leave a big, dirty scar on your skin. You do not have the option of leaving the staples on too. Since these staples do not disintegrate themselves like the sutures, you have to take them out.

You should see a trained person for this because taking it out because taking the surgical staple out without a tool has serious risks of leaving a scar.

Fact 3: It is extremely painful

Doctors and nurses are trained to remove sutures and staples with the minimum amount of pain. There are years of practice involved. Hence, if you think that you can take out the surgical staples without a tool easily you are mistaken.

It will cause you immense pain if you do not know the exact angle or procedure of doing so. Moreover, there is a chance of tearing the wound apart causing more pain.

Fact 4: The wound may not be completely healed

Surgical staples have different periods of healing than suturing or taping. Only a doctor can tell you how much time your wound needs to heal up before the staples can be taken out. If your wound has not completely healed and you take out the staples, the incision might open.

Hence, always follow your doctor’s guidelines, and get regular appointments before your staples are cut.

Fact 5: The incision might reopen

If your wound has not completely healed and closed, there is an increased risk of opening up the incision by trying to remove the surgical staples without a tool. Without knowledge and experience, you cannot take them out.

If the incision opens without healing, your whole surgery will go to waste. No one would want that. Hence, avoid going for such extreme measures.

Fact 6: You might have to go into another surgery

This is the worst consequence removing staples without a tool could have. Imagine after going through surgery, mere irresponsibility like unauthorized removal of surgical staples causes you another one. This would be a nightmare.

Refrain from doing any such thing yourself without the consultation of your doctor. Let your wound heal completely, after which get your doctor to remove the staples.

Fact 7: A wrong angle can tear apart the incision as well as surrounding skin

A common man would not know it, but there is a certain angle at which the surgical staples should be removed. A proper staple remover is made in such a way that it positions itself on that angle by itself.

If you remove the staple without a pin, it may come out straight which would tear your incision. Not only this but you could also damage the surrounding skin, adding to your problems.

Fact 8: It can cause excessive bleeding

If your staples come out abruptly, tearing the incision, you could have extreme bleeding. A non-professional person, who does not have adequate knowledge and expertise will not be able to control the bleeding.

A person who is recovering from surgery cannot afford this bleeding. Hence you should avoid doing anything that has a risk factor attached.

Fact 9: It can cause additional problems

Removing surgical staples without tools does not only ruin the wound, but it may also cause a lot of other problems. Some of them include extensive bleeding, tearing of the skin, and high-grade pain.

Why would someone want to go through it? So, proper usage of tools and expertise is required for removing surgical staples.

Fact 10: It may cause fever, swelling, or allergy

You would have noticed that a bad wound causes fever, swelling, and other such issues. The same is the case if you remove surgical staples without tools. If your incision gets an infection, it may result in redness and swelling around that area.

Moreover, you will also feel fever and weakness, which is not a good sign for someone who just got surgery.


If you think that removing surgical staples is child’s play and you can do it without a tool, you are mistaken. It may seem easy to you because the paramedics you have seen have been doing it for long. Hence, it is never recommended to try any such thing by yourself.