Car Travel In The USA: 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Trip

Car Travel In The USA: 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Trip

If you decided to hit the road in the United States, you need to rent a car for easy getting. Many travelers afraid of this process and believe that car rental can be expensive. However, this is not the case, because you can rent a car for quite a reasonable price through the Rental24H car rental app.

What’s more, that’s not all you need to know for a successful trip. Check out a few more important things that will help you plan your road journey correctly and feel confident during it.

What documents do you need for a road trip?

As a major driver, you can rent a car in the USA with the following documents at hand:

  • passport with a valid visa.
  • credit card in your name with a balance of at least $600. The frozen deposit on the credit card is returned after the car drop off.
  • domestic or international driver’s license. If your home driver’s license is not in the Latin alphabet, then you will have to issue an International Driving Permit. It’s only used together with the original license.

What are the basic conditions?

Car Travel In The USA: 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Trip

Car rental in the USA, its terms and conditions are no different from those generally accepted in the world. Some differences can be between different companies, as well as states – due to differences in legislation.

The main requirement is compliance with age restrictions. But how old do you have to be to rent a car in the United States? Your nationality doesn’t matter. The service is available to people who have reached at least 21 years of age, but in the states of New York and Michigan, the minimum age is 18.

Here are some other important things you should know:

  • If you are under 25, you will pay a special young driver’s fee of approximately $15-30 per day, but not more than $280 for the entire rental.
  • Companies charge for an additional driver. When it comes to the spouse, no additional payment required.
  • The rental term is calculated on a 24-hour basis. For an hour and a half late, you can pay for an extra day.
  • The vehicle is usually issued with a full tank. Payment for fuel is taken immediately or it’s returned refueled.
  • Any fines are paid by the renter.
  • The deposit is required everywhere. The prepayment and 25-30% on top of the amount are debited from the credit card, and the final payment is made after the car is returned.

Which Insurance to choose?

Car Travel In The USA: 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Trip

Car rental insurance in the USA is a must-have thing. As a rule, the rental price includes the SLI + CDW package, covering third-party claims and damages of your rental vehicle. However, sometimes you need to buy them optionally.

Before picking up a car, it’s recommended to clarify what exactly the basic insurance plan protects.

You can also get PAE/PPP (Personal Protect Plan) – medical insurance for driver and passengers. It’s not needed if personal health insurance was purchased before traveling to the USA.

Roadsafe – an emergency roadside assistance package, but this is also not a mandatory option.

How much does it Cost to Rent a Car in the USA?

Car Travel In The USA: 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Trip

The cost of renting a car in the United States differs from state to state, but not very much. The price for a budget sedan in less popular locations starts at $25 per day. Cars of a higher class, SUVs and convertibles are always more expensive.

On average, the price range for car classes is as follows:

  • Economy/compact: $20–120;
  • Standard/intermediate: $40-150;
  • Luxury/premium: $90-180;
  • Minivan: $80-160.

Car rental in New York is always more expensive (from $ 35), especially at JFK airport. The price rises sharply during periods of massive vacations and holidays.

As a rule, the price already includes full insurance with a zero excess and a surcharge for an additional driver. 

You will have to pay extra for the navigator, EZ-Pass, child seat and so on. Options are priced roughly the same everywhere.

What is the Cost of Fuel in the USA?

Car Travel In The USA: 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Trip

The average cost per liter of gasoline in the US today is $2.13 per gallon. The most expensive fuel is in California ($3.1 per gallon) and Alaska ($2.5 per gallon), so car rental in these states is more expensive.

Traditionally, fuel is cheaper in the oil-producing states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana, where the average price is $1.8 per gallon.

There are practically no gas stations on the highways. In order to refuel, you will have to drive off according to the signs, and on a special board you can find out the cost of fuel, which is indicated in gallons. 1 gallon is approximately 3.78 liters.

The following types of gasoline are available at the gas station:

  • Regular
  • Midgrade
  • Premium,
  • Superpremium

In order to find out what kind of fuel to fill in your rental car, look at the back of the fuel door cover. This information is also available in your contract.

How to pay for toll roads?

Car Travel In The USA: 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Trip

There are more than enough toll roads and bridges in the country. If you see a Toll sign, get ready to pay. It’s better to rent an EZ-Pass device – it allows you to use toll roads without having to stop.

You must select a lane with signs SunPass only, EZ-PASS only or LeeWay only to move at a speed not exceeding 25 mph. The system reads the card data automatically and will send an invoice to the rental company, which will debit the funds from your bank card.

Automatic payment systems are different in each state and don’t work outside of them. In this case, you will have to select the ‘Cash only’ or ‘Change provided’ traffic lane and pay in cash. The fare is different everywhere.