6 Exterior Projects That Require Minimal Contractor Contact

6 Exterior Projects That Require Minimal Contractor Contact

Life can be busy and hectic during the best of times but throw in a pandemic, and navigating home renovations suddenly becomes increasingly complicated. You want to make progress while keeping your family — and the contractor — safe. The good news is that finding this balance is possible.

Keep reading to learn more about six exterior projects that require minimal contractor contact.

1. Construct a Deck or Patio

Do you love hosting dinner parties? A new deck or patio would be the perfect place to invite friends for a socially distanced outdoor cookout. Consider hiring a contractor to construct it the entertainment deck of your dreams— while you stay safely indoors and maintain social distancing.

Wooden decks are inexpensive to build but add value to your home and improve the outdoor aesthetic.

2. Install New Garage Doors

If you own a garage, you know how crucial the doors are to creating an effortless experience. Consider upgrading from manual to electric for increased convenience. You’ll be able to open and close the doors with the push of a button!

Since the installation is complicated, hire a professional to complete the task. They’ll be working in the garage, which will keep contact minimal.

3. Paint the Home’s Exterior

Does anything look better than a fresh coat of paint? Painting your home’s exterior will transform the property creating curb appeal and welcoming guests. A contractor can complete the task with minimal contact. Painting services often include refreshing the trim, restoring garage doors, and updating the gutters, so choose a professional who can manage all of these jobs in one session.

4. Replace the Front Door

When replacing the front door, workers won’t need to venture farther than your entryway. This home renovation will provide a drastic change to your home’s exterior without requiring days of labor. It requires exact measuring and carpentry skills, so you should hire a contractor — but there’s no need to supervise the process.

5. Pave the Driveway

Is your driveway starting to worn-down? Refinishing it will add value to your home while eliminating pesky cracks and weeds. It’s also useful when winter comes around, and it’s time to shovel away snow.

In ideal conditions, a contractor can complete a driveway in a single day. You could coordinate with them through phone and email, so there’d be no reason to interact in person.

6. Build a Shed

Have you been dreaming of additional storage? A shed might be the answer you’ve been searching for, and contractors can install it without requiring your presence. Simply make arrangements over the phone and mark where you would like the shed built on your property. The workers will be able to complete the construction while you remain indoors.

Pursue Countless Opportunities

Before deciding to halt your home renovations, consider these six exterior projects that require minimal contractor contact. Thanks to modern technology, organizing projects and paying contractors is a breeze. You can easily stay on track with remodeling your home while also protecting your family. These outdoor renovations can also be completed when you are at work or out of town. Remember to manage your budget and only choose tasks you can afford.