5 Items In Your House That Might Be Worth Something

5 Items In Your House That Might Be Worth Something

Most people realize that rare items and antiques can fetch a high price on the internet. However, did you know several of those items might be in your house? Many valuables were once common household belongings, toys, and decor, so you could find some tucked away in a closet. Before you go on a decluttering spree, you should evaluate if anything you find is worth money.

Keep reading to discover five valuable objects you might find in your home:

1. Retro Toys

Who knew your old toys could be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars one day?

Retro video games and consoles, like games made for the Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis, have frequently been sold for thousands of dollars. Antique board games or special edition models usually also hold a high monetary value. Even dolls and figurines like the American Girl Doll, Polly Pocket, and G.I. Joe have become collectibles when in good condition.

2. Vintage Comics

If you had a comic collector in your family, you might be in luck. Vintage comics, like Black Panther and The Incredible Hulk, inspired many popular movies and are considered rare and valuable today. However, comics sold for high prices are typically specific issues. Just as a single baseball card can be more valuable than an entire deck, a single special issue comic can, at times, be worth more money than a full set. 

Check the issue number and production date to determine how valuable your comics may be to a collector. 

3. Commemorative Coins

Coins offer a unique opportunity to discover something with a value that has skyrocketed. Commemorative coins are printed and sold in a limited number. Whatever doesn’t sell is melted down, making some types of coins extremely rare and collectible. While the materials are inexpensive on the market, the coin design’s rarity makes it valuable to collectors.

4. Original Albums

Did you know that some albums are scarce because of the album cover art? David Bowie’s 1974 “Diamond Dogs” and The Beatles’ “Yesterday and Today” are two examples of notorious cover art that were changed to be more consumer-friendly.

If you find an old album and want to evaluate its value, you should consider its condition — the better the quality, the higher the price. Only the rarest of albums are worth money while being in poor shape.

5. Unique Kitchenware

If your granny had Pyrex, you might be able to cash in on her collection. Pyrex sets are frequently sold for top dollar. Use the Pyrex pattern collection library to determine the style and age of the pieces you own. 

Jadeite kitchenware, characterized by its green hue, was popular in the 1940s and could be worth reselling. Salt and pepper shakers have been sold on eBay for $50-$100.

While society becomes increasingly minimalistic, you may luck out if your family had a full china set.

A full set of antique silverware can also typically be sold for over a hundred dollars if it’s in good condition.

Happy Hunting

With so many valuables hiding in plain sight, you might want to start cleaning out your basement and attic spaces. Who knows what surprising items you could discover? Even pieces that have a low monetary value may hold emotional or historical significance to your family. Next time you start spring cleaning, remind yourself that you’re basically treasure hunting.

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