Studying In Barcelona: 6 Practical Tips To Find The Best Accommodation

Studying In Barcelona: 6 Practical Tips To Find The Best Accommodation

Studying in Barcelona is an excellent choice for anyone, whether you’re planning on a summer study abroad or dedicating an entire year there.

You can have access to all sorts of study abroad programs, focusing on a variety of fields. There’s a reason why a lot of students choose this as their study abroad destination.

If you plan on moving to Barcelona, after you get all your ducks in a row, you should also prepare for the accommodations. You have to be careful because this is the place you’ll be living in for months or even a year.

To help you, here are six practical tips on finding the best accommodation in Barcelona.

1. Know more about the city

If you’re planning on studying in Barcelona or anywhere else, it’s a good idea to get to know the city. The city itself has a variety of neighborhoods. They’re not the same at all.

Depending on where you want to study, you probably want to stay in a neighborhood near your school. But do note that it might be expensive in those areas.

It might be better to move a little distance away from the neighborhood that’s right by your school. That way, you won’t have to fight for accommodations, and also you won’t have to pay as much.

Also, make sure that you check what conveniences and amenities are accessible in your neighborhood. 

2. Do not go to agencies

There are plenty of Barcelona agencies that will persuade you to pay them a fee to help you find a place for yourself or a shared room.

But a lot of people have experienced that these agencies give them a list of flats that are either outdated or already have occupants. Thus, it can be a waste of money to connect with agencies.

If you want to go to agencies to help you, you should make sure they’re government-accredited.

Yet, these agencies only deal with long-term tenants. As much as possible, you should not go to agencies when you’re looking for accommodations in Barcelona.

3. Look for accommodations with pictures

If you’re looking for long-term accommodation, you can’t go wrong with renting apartments in Barcelona.

Although they can be expensive, they’ll be much cheaper than renting a hotel room. Aside from that, you can also have a kitchen for food preparation, which will help reduce your total costs during your stay.

When you’re thinking of renting an apartment, make sure to look at your potential accommodation through pictures. It’s even better if they include the space measurements, so you know what you’re getting yourself into before committing to renting it.

The photos will help you decide whether you like the place. If the offer doesn’t show pictures, it is most likely a scam. After all, there’s no reason why photos shouldn’t be available.

4. Avoid tourist traps

If you’re staying someplace with many tourists, you’re going to find all sorts of accommodation offers there. It might feel like there are excellent prices for rental offers there, but that may be because they’re too good to be true.

There are a lot of scammers preying on tourists who don’t know any better. Thus, it would be best if you kept yourself vigilant.

There is a lot of tourist accommodation offers available in Barcelona. There are also too many that are illegal. Don’t take these offers unless you’re sure. And even then, it might be better to move away from tourist traps.

If you rent from a place that’s not government regulated, you’re not going to have the protection you need.

5. Set your budget

Before you even think of moving to Barcelona and rent out a place, make sure that you set a limit on your budget. Make sure you can afford to pay your monthly rent or amortization.

Some areas might also expect a deposit along with the rental fee that you have to pay.

There are going to be other costs that you have to take into account. You have to think about the cost of living in Barcelona. Make sure that you have enough to let you live a comfortable life in Barcelona once you pay off your rental fee.

Be strict with yourself and set a range that you’re willing to pay for your accommodation.

6. Book online

You don’t have to be in Barcelona to find the best accommodations for you when you get there.

With the advent of the Internet, it’s a lot easier to look up rental properties in all Barcelona neighborhoods. But there are things that you still need to be careful of when you’re looking up rental properties online.

You have to do a bit of research and devote some time to ensure that you’re not getting scammed out of your money. Check for reviews and reliable sites.

Do thorough background checks online to see whether the place you chose is not from a dubious source.

Final Say

Barcelona is a top destination for plenty of students, which is why you need to get a headstart if you want to find accommodations while you’re there.

This article covers the basics of everything you need to do to find the best accommodations in Barcelona.

The key is to stay vigilant and not fall for everything and educate yourself, so you don’t create problems.

Be careful and keep an eye out before committing to renting accommodations, even in Barcelona!