Visiting Malaga: 6 Excellent Spots to Explore by Car

Andalusia is a beautiful region that has absorbed all the best that Spain has. Just imagine: white villages, gorgeous mountains washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, fairs and flamenco carnivals – the list of local places to see and things to do has no limits. Add fine cuisine and age-old winemaking traditions, and you get an excellent recipe for your trip! So there’s nothing to think about! Pick up a car from Firefly at Malaga Airport to enjoy an exciting road trip along the vastness of southern Spain. A hire car is perfect for meeting your needs and will be the best means of transport to travel during lockdown.

We have compiled a selection of the most interesting spots to go in the vicinity of Malaga. Check them out to visit on your upcoming journey…

  1. Parque Natural del Torcal

Visiting Malaga: 6 Excellent Spots to Explore by Car

Known for its stunning and quaint limestone formations, the park is a find for hikers. Moreover, beautiful natural landscapes of the area create excellent setting for a leisure walk.

Many plant species grow in the park, and rare animals live. This geological wonder will amaze you for sure. The park is located 30 km away north of Malaga, not far from the village of Villanueva de la Concepción, so you’ll need about 20 minutes to reach it by car hire.

  1. Alcazaba Castle

Visiting Malaga: 6 Excellent Spots to Explore by Car

Alcazaba Castle is located at the bottom of the mountain and is connected to the Gibralfaro Fortress placed on the top. The architectural style of Alcazaba uniquely combines the power of a defensive structure and the beauty of an Arab palace with typical rectangular courtyards, a small pond and green gardens. This makes the fortress one of the most important preserved Muslim landmarks in Spain.

This place is very cool in summer, so you can hide here from the burning sun. Plus, there’s a lot to see. Stone arches, towers, fleeting views of the harbor, the scent of roses and jasmine in the air create a unique experience. By the way, it’s recommended to head to the castle before noon to avoid the heat and crowds.

  1. Jardines de La Concepcion

Visiting Malaga: 6 Excellent Spots to Explore by Car

This is the English Garden in Malaga with over 150 years of history. The Botanical Garden is located at the northern entrance of Malaga and is one of several gardens with subtropical plants in Europe.

In the garden, you can find more than 100 types of palm trees, bamboo, aquatic plants, as well as get acquainted with the historical part of the garden. It’s possible to sign up for a 1-hour-long guided tour online, or you can walk around the garden by yourself.

From Malaga, the garden can be reached by car via N331 road towards Antequera (166-th km) and then follow the signs.

  1. Playa la Malagueta

Visiting Malaga: 6 Excellent Spots to Explore by Car

Playa la Malagueta is the central city beach and another attraction of Malaga. It’s located between the port of Malaga and La Caleta beach in the city center, and is named after the area of ​​the same name.

Malagueta beach is covered with dark sand. There are no big waves, so the place is very comfortable for swimming. The beach is quite long: its length is 1,200 meters, and its width is 45 meters. This is one of the most visited beaches among locals due to its convenient location and quick access from the city center.

  1. Museo Automovilistico de Malaga

Visiting Malaga: 6 Excellent Spots to Explore by Car

The Malaga Automobile and Fashion Museum shouldn’t be missed anyway, even by those who don’t like to visit historical museums. This landmark of Malaga is unique in its kind! The museum houses a collection of over 90 vehicles from various historical periods dating back to 1898. Here you will find examples of cars from the world’s well-known brands, including Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Ferrari.

The collection of exclusive cars, which has been collected over many decades, belongs to a private Portuguese collector. Each presented exhibit is full of history and keeps many memories. Among them, for example, there are cars that have been rebuilt from scrap or even survived a burial. The museum also has an exhibition of fashionable clothing related to the automotive world, such as vintage hats and suitcases.

  1. Alley Muelle Uno

Visiting Malaga: 6 Excellent Spots to Explore by Car

Along the city harbor is the Muelle Uno promenade – a spot where the townspeople and guests of Malaga love to stroll. It will be a great idea to hire a car and visit it on your trip. Moreover, numerous parking lots will help you to avoid any problems to leave your vehicle is a safe place.

The alley is divided into three marinas, each of which is interesting in its own way:

  • The first pier (Muelle 1) is a shopping and entertainment area with cafes and shops. This destination will be interesting to shoppers: a variety of goods are sold there at affordable prices.
  • The second pier (Muelle 2) is a park full of interesting sculptures, fountains, as well as cozy recreation areas. The trees in the park create shade, which is perfect in the summer heat.
  • The third pier (Muelle 3) houses the Ferris wheel and administrative buildings.