Getting Started With Weaving

Getting Started With Weaving

Weaving is an increasingly popular craft. It allows you to make your own textiles, and to shape them into garments, useful household items like rugs and place settings, and even create works of art. You can keep your weaving projects to use and display yourself or you can give them to friends as unique, personal gifts. You also have the satisfaction of mastering a new skill, learning to use new tools and on top of that, the focus you need on the intricate actions of the loom can act effectively as meditation helping to still anxiety and calm racing thoughts.

It can feel intimidating to get started with weaving, so today we’re taking a look at how you can begin your first woven projects.

A Loom

When you imagine a loom, the image that springs to mind might be a big industrial machine – or even a serious hobbyist’s mechanical loom that requires its own shed or studio. Fortunately, if you’re interested in starting weaving, you don’t have to commit to one of these engines of industry!

When you’re weaving at home you’ll use a hand loom: a frame roughly the size of a picture frame that you hold, or rest comfortably on your lap. A loom is simply a framework that lets you hold the vertical yarn steady (the warp), allowing you to interlace the horizontal threads – the weft – through them. You can even make a simple loom yourself from scrap wood and nails or pins – though it’s more convenient to buy one!

Materials and Styles

When you’re weaving, you can create different effects by varying the materials you use. The warp has to remain the same, as it needs to be a solid anchor for the finished project – but you can use different techniques with the weft, and different materials! Pile weaving creates a much thicker, more luxurious look and texture, while soumak weaving can give your project a complex, slanted look.

While beginners may want to stick to simple weaving styles to start with, you can still make even your first projects stand out by using different materials – from thick wool, to silk to ribbon!

Getting Materials

Gathering the materials for your first weaving project can be difficult – it requires experience to know exactly how much you’re going to need, and running out can be frustrating. One solution is to opt for a weave subscription box, which will provide exactly what you need for one project a month, straight to your door. This is a handy way to build your skills and confidence when you’re just starting out.