4 Ways To Enjoy A Hawaiian Vacation While Still Social Distancing

4 Ways To Enjoy A Hawaiian Vacation While Still Social Distancing

The pandemic is still going on, which is why social distancing guidelines are still in place. However, it is possible for you to have a fun vacation while you are social distancing. There are several ways that you can vacation in Hawaii while you are socially distancing.

Put Together a Corona Kit

Before you go on your vacation, you will need to make sure that you put together your corona kit. Face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes are some of the things that you will need to put in a kit. You will be keeping yourself and family safe as well as the other people you come in contact with. You may also want to consider buying an air purifier. An air purifier not only cleans the air, but it also kills germs and viruses. This is not practical to carry around but can be great to set up in your hotel room.

Rent a Condominium

You have several accommodation options. However, you should consider choosing a vacation condominium for rent. It will be a lot easier for you to socially distant if you are in a condominium due to the many private amenities. Often included are things like a washer and dryer, a kitchen set with a large fridge and freezer, and plenty of indoor space to feel homey. This means no sharing problematic breakfast bars, easy access to cleaning and disinfecting your clothes on a daily basis, and no risk of feeling cramped indoors when you want to just relax and watch some television. Of course, these are also cleaned between guests just like hotel rooms, though they also are often held to higher cleaning standards.

Stock Up on Your Supplies

If you will be on vacation for a few days, then you will likely have to go to the store and buy supplies. You will need to stock up on your supplies so that you can minimize the amount of time that you spend in the stores. If you are not staying in a vacation condo, you’ll want to make sure you bring enough coolers for food storage to help your food last. While restaurant food is generally considered low risk due to high cleanliness regulations in the food industry, it will still reduce your risk of exposure even more if you don’t have to go out every time you need food.

Stay in Places Where It Is Easy to Social Distance

It is hard to socially distance while you are in a place like a mall or a theater. However, if you go to an outdoor place, then socially distancing will be a lot easier. This includes things such as parks and beaches. Avoid the more crowded public spaces and find the rarer and more isolated areas to explore. Not only will this reduce your risk of exposure, but it also will allow you to see the more exotic parts of the islands that you otherwise would have missed when trekking through tourist-dense areas.

Make a Plan B

Some of the places that you planned to visit may be crowded. That is why it is important for you to make a Plan B. You should have a list of other places you can go to avoid crowds, and look up the times when your choice destinations are emptier of people. If you have reservations, you should also make plans for a fallback location.

Covid-19 and social distancing do not have to ruin your Hawaii vacation. You can still have a lot of fun if you plan in advance. With just a bit of advanced preparation, you can still have a dream vacation while staying safe.