When To Shop Local and When To Ship In Construction Supplies For Your Company

When To Shop Local and When To Ship In Construction Supplies For Your Company

As a thriving construction company, it’s important to have the supplies you need at all times so that you can continue to satisfy your clients. One of the decisions you’ll face as you choose your suppliers is whether to go with a local supplier or whether to have supplies shipped in. While at first glance it might make sense to stick entirely with one option or the other, your company can benefit if you choose to mix and match. To help you navigate these complexities, here is a basic guide on when to shop local and when to ship in construction supplies for your company.

When To Shop Local and When To Ship In Construction Supplies For Your Company

Order Size

If you need a large order of some specific supplies, then it’s usually better to have your supplies shipped in. This will ensure you get all the supplies you need and that you receive them on time. Additionally, avoiding buying in bulk from a local store will ensure that there are enough supplies available for those who only need a few supplies at any given time. Of course, if you are in need of a small number of certain supplies, then shopping local is your best option, as it helps eliminate any shipping costs.


If you’re in a time crunch, then shopping local is the only way to go. As long as the local store has the building supplies that you need, then you won’t have to worry about any delays in starting your project. If you have a more extended timeline, then you can choose to have the supplies shipped in or to shop local, so long as you’re able to gain assurances from your outside shipper that the items will arrive on time.


If reducing cost is your highest priority, then it’s typically best to have your construction supplies shipped in. Thanks to the larger volume of big construction supply companies, they can typically offer a better price than local stores. However, if you have a long-running account with a specific local establishment, the owners of that establishment may extend to you discounts that could help make shopping local more competitive.


If you’re looking for some type of specialized part, then you’ll likely need to have your supplies shipped to your construction site. Though local stores can offer a decent selection, they are ultimately limited by the space of their building. On the other hand, outside shippers can use large warehouses to store their inventory, meaning they tend to have a larger selection of specialized and hard-to-find supplies.

As mentioned, most construction projects will require a mix of supplies that come from local sources and those that are shipped to the site. While an outside shipper is perfect for providing the bulk of your supplies, there will always be a need for that last-minute trip to the local supplier to pick up something that was forgotten. By understanding when it’s best to use both types of suppliers, you give your project a good chance of success.