Adrenaline-Filled Experiences to Pull You Out Of Your Rut

Adrenaline-Filled Experiences to Pull You Out Of Your Rut

Sometimes, no matter how good your life is going, you find yourself longing for more. The day-to-day repetitiveness can wear you down, leading to boredom and burnout. When these low points hit, the good news is that there are activities you can take part in that can turn things around. To help get you back on track, here are some adrenaline-filled experiences to pull you out of your rut.

Rock Climbing

Even though you’re fully harnessed, the perceived risk of danger makes rock climbing an adrenaline-filled experience. Whether you choose to climb at an indoor facility or you take on an actual mountain, the buzz you’ll feel at the end is the same. Reaching for a handhold that is just past your comfort zone and making it to the next ledge is a feeling that is hard to recreate. And then, getting to the top and looking down at the distance you’ve climbed is an accomplishment you can take with you when you get back to real life.

Beyond being exciting, rock climbing is an excellent workout, meaning you’ll get the rush of endorphins when you’re done that you get from other types of exercise. Just be sure that you have an experienced climb team with you so that the perceived risk doesn’t become an actual risk.


For many people, the mere idea of jumping out of a “perfectly good plane” is enough to get their heart racing. To actually skydive, then, is to put your adrenaline into overdrive. Falling at speeds of 120 mph can give you a sense of euphoria and clarity that is said to last for days after. The empowerment you feel after leaping from a plane can carry in to the rest of your life and give you a confidence boost. After overcoming something as huge as skydiving, everyday challenges may seem easier by comparison.

What you may be surprised by, though, is how peaceful skydiving can be as you glide toward earth once your parachute has deployed. You’ll have a few minutes to take everything in before the landing. And as long as you go up with an experienced instructor, skydiving is an incredibly low-risk sport.

Whitewater Rafting

For an activity that never lets up, consider whitewater rafting. On advanced rapids, you’ll spend most of your time working hard to successfully navigate an otherwise-dangerous river. One of the best parts of whitewater rafting is that you get to work with a team, meaning you’ll have others to share your experiences with even after your adventure is over. Since rapids can be somewhat unpredictable, the key to whitewater rafting is to listen carefully to your instructor.

If you’ve never been before, the nice thing is that there are rivers of all types. You can start out will mild rapid and get the same rush with less risk. Knowing when to move with the water and when to paddle against it is incredibly rewarding. After making it back to land, you’ll remember the feeling for a long time. It’s an experience you can go back to anytime you need a pick-me-up.


If you find yourself in a rut during the winter, then you have other adrenaline-filled options available, including snowboarding. Snowboarding is great because it’s something you can do over and over again until you get tired or until the slopes close for the day. Plus, you can customize your thrill by choosing hills rated at different difficulties. Most resorts offer training areas to allow you to improve your skills before you head out on your own.

You’re likely to fall a lot if you have never tried snowboarding before, even if you have tried skiing in the past. The great part is that your board is strapped to you, so unlike skis, which can fly off your feet, you can get right back up. There’s no poles to lean on, so the key is feeling the snow with the edges of your board and carefully adjusting your balance. There’s no feeling quite like your first run down the slopes when it all clicks and you can lean into your turns and control your speed.

Roller Coasters

Roller coasters and thrill rides at amusement parks can be a great source of excitement and adrenaline. That feeling while the carts slowly make their ascent and round the first peak is very memorable. The rush of first drop and the twists and turns that follow is like a reward for the fear you felt going up. If you live near an amusement park, take advantage and pick a day to visit. Riding roller coasters is an ideal way for people who aren’t physically able to do some of the other activities on this list to get the same rush.

If you don’t live near a park with some of the more wild rides with things like steep drops, multiple loops, or suspended cars, it might be worth a trip to one of the bigger parks. It’s a memory you will be making that you will not forget for years.

Keep the Memory Alive

As much as you might want to, you can’t fill every moment of every day with adrenaline-filled experiences. Therefore, when your experience comes to an end, it’s important to take the memories with you so that you can continue to gain enjoyment from your time away. This allows you to stay out of your rut for longer and share your contagious enthusiasm with others who may be dealing with a rough patch, as well.

Some of these activities may be a daily obsession for the dedicated few, but for most of us, they are an occasional indulgence in our wild side. Be sure to take videos and pictures or journal your feelings so you can share and relive them in days to come. If you’ve felt stuck, isolated, or down-in-dumps, it can be good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. See what activities are available in your area to get your heart pounding and your adrenaline racing.