5 things to consider for setting up an outdoor baby swing

What makes an outdoor baby swing the right swing

One eventuality with your baby as they grow older is that they will spend more time outside. 

This provides you with the opportunity to familiarize your kids with the outdoor playing options.

One such option is a swing. An outdoor baby swing will allow your baby to enjoy outside in the most harmless way possible. 

Still, there is a need to be cautious with these products as carelessness might cause harm.

Before you choose a swing for your kid you need to make sure that you are buying the right one as there are few types.

Here your baby’s age decides which swing is more suitable. 

For instance, a bucket swing would be ideal if your child is still very young as it provides the required security. While a belt swing would be apt for a toddler.

Meanwhile, for older kids, a disk swing or a glider is more preferable. 

5 things to consider for setting up an outdoor baby swing

What makes an outdoor baby swing the right swing?

As I mentioned earlier about precautions, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

Doing so would ensure your baby’s safety from either falling or getting exposed to other potentially harmful stuff.  

So below are 5 such things that should be considered while setting up an outdoor baby swing.


  • Safety


Safety takes utmost precedence especially when a baby and a swing are involved. 

So what you need here is a swing set with a smooth design all over with no sharp edges whatsoever. 

Another aspect that requires your attention is the structural integrity of the swing. 

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any exposed moving parts, along with that the structure should be capable enough to hold the weight of your baby/toddler. 

An added safety harness would make sure your baby remains safe while swinging. 


  • Weight limit. 


This particular aspect is pretty straight forward. 

Know your child’s weight and then compare that with the recommended weight of the swings. 

If your child’s weight is under the recommended range then no problem. If not then avoid using that swing as it might be hazardous for your baby.


  • Installation


Installation is expected to be easy. Just make sure the installation is safe and secure. 

A standalone swing requires simple assembling, it will be better if it has options to mount it to the ground. 

If there are hooks for installation then remember to close them completely.   


  • Comfort.


The only way your baby can enjoy the swing is if he/she is comfortable with it. 

So make sure the seat is not too hard, or better yet choose the one which is padded. 


  • Materials


Always consider the material with which the swing is made. Most of them are made from vinyl or smooth plastic, and few on the other hand are made from BPA free plastic.

The one designed for older kids is usually made up of aluminum or wood (still vinyl is a better option).

However, these materials can give splinters to a baby so be careful with that. 

Then there’s the issue of rust, each metal has its specific way of rusting, needless to say, this is something which you want to avoid.   



There are plenty of reasons as to why your child needs to play outside. One study explains that an outdoor activity exposes your child to the sun which keeps them active. 

Besides, it’s a great way to learn some indispensable and healthy skills. 

So for these reasons having a swing set is definitely something your baby needs.

I can assure you that you and your baby will have lots of fun with it. 

It’s time you had a swing set on your lawn.

Video: https://youtu.be/diifuyAFuFg