Dislike Your Job? Maybe it is Time for a Change

No one loves every minute of their employment. Everyone experiences times when the job is frustrating or dull. If the times you spend dreading going to work outweigh the good times, it may be time to consider a change. It can be scary to think about changing, but if you take your time making the decision, and plan, you can feel confident in your choice. Taking the steps to transition into a career that provides more fulfillment puts you in a better situation than hanging on until the stress and frustration create burnout and affect your performance.

Make Sure You are on Solid Financial Footing

Before leaving your existing, you should do everything possible to get your financial house in order. This means paying down credit card debt, paying it off entirely if possible. Use a student loan calculator to see how much money you could save by refinancing your student loans. If you are close to paying off your vehicle, you may want to go ahead and do that before changing jobs.

Talk to Those Who Love Their Jobs

Do you have people in your life that seem to enjoy their work? Talk to them about what exactly it is that they love. Most people who are happy with their job enjoy talking about them. You may be surprised at the insight you can get about a career by talking to people about why they like their jobs. Often it isn’t the work you do that makes a job enjoyable. The people you work with, the responsibilities you have, and the opportunity for growth are all things that can make it more enjoyable. In fact, after talking to others about what they love, you may find some ideas you could implement in your existing job to enhance your enjoyment.


Even if you work for a large company, it can turn into a pretty small world. Networking with others in your industry but outside your company provides many benefits. Of course, these connections are valuable if you are interested in making a career change, but just having an outside perspective from people that understand your business can provide mental stimulation that may be lacking when your industry circle includes only others from your place of employment.

Continue Your Education

Feeling stagnant is a major reason why many people feel stuck in their jobs. Most people find more enjoyment in their careers if that career offers a chance to grow and expand their skills. Even if you are sure that you need to leave your current employment to find happiness, look for ways to continue your growth. It isn’t necessary to return to school to continue your education, although that is one path to take. Taking a class or two a semester to earn an advanced degree may provide the right level of stimulation to bring enjoyment to your job. You can also boost your skills by learning new software, joining a professional organization, or working on your presentation skills. Finding ways to strengthen your skills and flex your mental muscles can provide the satisfaction you are seeking.