5 Boat Storage Tips Every Sailor Wants You To Know

Getting into recreational boating is a fun activity that you can do with all your friends and family. There’s a lot to do when you have a boat that you can take out for a spin anytime.

From fishing to everyday traveling over the waters, having a boat is an investment that you can make the most out of if you know what you’re doing.

But although having a boat is a load of fun, it isn’t every day that you get the chance to take your boat out for a ride. Often, you will need to store it away correctly until you use it again.

When you store your boat and keep it away, there are several things you should do to keep it in tip-top shape. On that note, here are five boat storage tips that every boatie out there should know:

Conduct maintenance check

Even if you don’t use your boat often, you should still ensure that you properly check up on it and conduct a maintenance check.

There are some maintenance tasks that you can do yourself. However, if you’ve got the money for it, you can also hire other people to do the maintenance for you. What’s important is that you do it.

On that note, maintenance should include changing the oil, as well as the antifreeze. Make sure that you also apply fogging oil. Keeping the boat clean is also essential, as well as lubricating the right areas.

If you end up boating in saltwater, make sure that you flush the engine. There should be the engine manufacturer’s manual or recommendations that you can follow to do that.

If you don’t want to do much work or you want someone to do a full maintenance check on your boat, remember to dole out about 10% of the boat’s price for the maintenance.

Clean it thoroughly

Since the boat you bought is most likely worth a load of money, you should make sure that you keep it looking nice and clean. Let it reflect how much it’s worth a little by not neglecting to clean it regularly.

Certain organisms and other aquatic debris in the bodies of water you cruised around in can end up damaging your boat. Not only will it damage the paint of the boat, but it can also affect the sealant if you don’t properly clean it.

Neglecting the hull can leave gunk all over it as well, and it can reduce the seaworthiness of your watercraft.

Even if you’re storing away your boat, you should still make sure that you thoroughly clean it before you leave it out of sight.

A decent cleaning will keep your boat clean as you store it away for a long time. Make sure to do the additional step of waxing your exterior after cleaning and before you leave it in storage.

Cover your boat

After cleaning and waxing your boat, you should also make sure that you cover it up. And keep in mind that your boat cover should be from quality materials. Otherwise, it can end up damaging your watercraft’s finish once you come back to it.

Although you’re free to get boat cover alternatives, like a tarp, make sure that you add a layer before putting on the tarp, that way, you avoid damaging the boat’s finish.

Rust-proof exposed metal areas.

There are parts of your boat that are metal and exposed. So if the water gets to them for a while, they can start rusting.

To help protect these parts of the boat, you should get someone to do some weatherproofing. That way, these exposed metal areas don’t start rusting away while in storage.

Rent a storage solution

Some people have the privilege of having a big enough garage to store a boat and a car, but not everyone’s so lucky.

That said, the people at National Mini Storage – Boat Storage Auckland advises that you can rent a storage unit if you don’t have a large enough space in your home. A reliable storage unit has security all the time.

And as long as you do your proper maintenance beforehand, your boat should be safe until you use it again.

Over to You

Boats require a lot of maintenance and effort that only a true boatie can manage.

Even when you’re storing it away for the winter or even for a short while, there are quite a bit for boat owners to do to keep it away safely.

The five boat storage tips listed above should keep your boat well-maintained. As long as you do the proper care needed before storage, you should come back to it in top shape and ready to cruise.