Which Nail Polish Finish To Buy From The Available Alternatives?

Nail polish is a mark of femininity and it is the final detail to complete a look but the problem starts when you have to choose which one to use. The reason is that there are so many options to select like flakie, holographic nail polish, shimmer, matte etc.

Also, the change in trends contribute greatly and changes things for users in a drastic way. For instance, today we have some amazing options like the gel nail polish which is quite “in” these days.  This guide will show you the difference between every available finish.



It is very common and popular. It works really well and is cheaper than anything else you can get of equal quality.


These come with a silver-toned shimmer and have a unique look and makes you feel really gorgeous.


They are totally trending because these nail polish are grainy and gritty and has many sparkles. This nail polish is perfect for those of you who want to try something a little different.


Glitter polish is great because it stays on so well and for a long time but generally, glittery nail polish is really hard to get off and sometimes you just have to wait for it to dry out or cover it up.


Shimmer nail polish is always super pretty and gorgeous. It always glistening and look like a creme polish and never dull.


Neon color has really bright color nail polishes but when you apply, make it two coats because the coats are really thin.


Matte nail polish is the top trending during this season. The top coat makes your matte nail paint to last for hours and prevents chipping of nails. It smoothly glides over your nails leaving them smooth and shiny the longer you wear it.


It is very easy to take off. The holographic nail polish changes the color when the sun reflects on it, this particular nail polish is highly pigmented and very hard to find in a photo.


Metallic nail polish is in style this season. It makes your nail healthier and looks shiny but it is very tricky so be careful.


The polish has a magical finish and changes its hues under different light conditions. Duochrome is quite difficult to find than other finishes that are discussed on the list. They are amazing if you will use them in the summer season.


It is like a base that has a white color and is sheerly paired with one other polish with a shimmery undertone. 


You might find this finish a bit fun to use and provide a wash of color because they are more towards the transparent side of things. The layer can be used to add more color and can be paired with glitter polish.


This has different flakes accenting the nail polish itself and the flakes usually have multiple colors. This basically has different flakes accenting the polish. The flakes are usually multicolored.


This is more towards the metallic side but might seem to be like an aluminum foil on your nails.


You can use this guide and keep in mind the basic difference with all the finishes that we have discussed above. Make sure that you know what you need when going for a certain type of nail polish or nail polish finish