Tips For Choosing A Tractor To Fit Small Farm Operations

Tips For Choosing A Tractor To Fit Small Farm Operations

Investing in a tractor is a major part of a small farm’s budget because it affects the farm’s profitability and efficiency. The right tractor can make a large difference in a farm’s success and viability. An excellent and preferable tractor needs to be affordable and durable so it will last for many years and make its cost worthwhile. It needs to be efficient so the crops can reach their full potential. Here are a few tips that can help farmers pick the best tractor for their small farm needs.

Tips For Choosing A Tractor To Fit Small Farm Operations


If there are two tractors that you can’t decide between, choose the one with the most options for the money and that will fulfill the requirements of your particular farm, the landscape, the crops, and what the tractor has to pull. The best way to accomplish this is to identify what options you need your tractor to be available for, then search for a tractor that fits all of those needs through varying attachments. If you absolutely can’t find a single tractor that meets all of your needs, then consider renting for those operations that are only occasional and getting a tractor that meets the majority of your needs the rest of the time.


Don’t forget that tractors need tuning up to avoid hard starting and too much gas consumption, which means that, like cars, the newer the better. If you’re buying used, make sure the fluid levels haven’t been left on low and that everything works well before you buy to avoid costly repairs later. Of course, no matter what tractor you’ll get, you’ll want to take steps to care for your tractor from the weather, such as tarps, sheltered parking, and daily maintenance.


Hopefully, you will have a user-friendly manual for the tractor so that you can attempt to do the service and any minor repairs yourself to avoid high repair costs. Therefore, parts availability at your dealer is also crucial. There are still old tractors around that still run like a top and prove to be tough and long-lasting and continue to be easy to maintain. If you’re new to tractor use, you’ll want to find forums online and speak with other farmers in your community about what works for them. If you can try out a variety of brands and styles of tractor before you buy, that will help you a great deal in finding the perfect fit for you.

Tractor Types

Tractors like Farmall tractors are the perfect hard-working farm tractors and come in a variety of sizes to handle whatever chores that are needed on your particular acreage. Following are just some of them. Compact Utility V Tractors are designed to run between vineyard rows and have a low center of gravity for use on steep inclines. The N Series is designed for orchards, vineyards, or other applications where space is at a premium. The compact A series tractors have economic features and have the power to get necessary jobs done. The compact C CVT Series are designed for easy and comfortable operation. They combine a smooth-operating CVT transmission with a deluxe environment for the operator. The Case IH utility C series have advanced functionality and features and are versatile for a variety of uses.

Tractors, like any other vehicle, should be purchased with great consideration and care. Don’t just buy the cheapest you can find, but it is important to get the best purchase for your price as well. Take time to look into what brands work best for other farmers with your crop types, and be aware of the learning cure you’ll need to tackle as well after the purchase. With a little time, patience, and work, you should be able to find a tractor that suits your needs and your budget.