Visiting Toronto is A MUST: Where to Go & What to See!

Visiting Toronto can be surprisingly interesting, especially if it is your first visit. As soon as you arrive to Toronto you feel like you need more time to explore everything around. What makes it so special? Locals, food, arts, city attractions make Toronto the most pleasant place for visiting. What is more, most of the city attractions are comfortably situated in the city center and around. Believe it or not, but the city outskirts are also full of worth-visit places. When you come to Toronto for the first time, you have much to do. And, of course, there are special places you have to visit whatever happens. Everything depends on how much time you have and how you are going to get around the city.

What are you going to do to get around the city in the most comfortable way?

Just rent a car!

Most of the tourists trust to Hertz Union Station in Toronto. You can even rent a car at least 1 day before your trip or on arrival. Full-size cars come cheap. It is about 50% cheaper that other car types in Toronto. You may problems with parking in such an overpeopled city. What is more, you have to hunt for the best spot to park your car. Keep in mind that local police has a parking customer service, helping you to find the nearest parking spot and clear up any confusion about it.



  1. Climb up the CN Tower

CN Tower and the territory around are situated in the Downtown. To get there you should buy tickets first. Come here in the late evening so that you have a chance to watch a gorgeous orange glow before the sunset. The city view is really exciting from here. How do you feel? If you are brave enough, you can watch the city from the height through the tower glassy floor. It’s really scary but very cool at that.

  1. Hunt for the best coffee spot

Do you know how you can learn a new city in the best way? You should find out and visit all the places that locals usually visit. That’s a big pleasure to hunt for all those atmospheric cafes and restaurants in Toronto in the hope of drink the best coffee in the city. If you go crazy about coffee you can try to find a secret place to relax and enjoy your favorite drink. Torontonians like coffee! Go to Rooster Coffee – a really creative place and unbelievably tasty coffee.


  1. Spend a day for visiting Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are situated not far from Toronto. This is the most popular tourist attraction and the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen. You need to spend about 2 hours to get there. As a rule, you need a day minimum to see the falls and visit Niagara town. Feel free to walk around and take the viewiest pictures. You can find much to do in the historical town around the lake and at the falls. There is much to say for this route. It is better to try!

  1. Look for the tastiest foodies

Toronto is a unique place where you can try true Canadian dishes. They much differ from what you’ve already tried in America. As you already know Toronto is a multicultural place, where people of different nationalities live. That’s why Torontonians eat delicious and specific food, taken from different nationalities mixed together. So, where to go for dinner? Ask everyone, Figures restaurant must be the coolest place for dinner. You feel like you are in a wonderland among the comic book heroes and TV characters. Enjoy your meal in Toronto.

Distillery District

  1. Go to explore Distillery District

Go to the east from Downtown. You have a chance to explore the Distillery District. This is a popular historic place and a beautiful neighborhood of Toronto. Why should you go there? This is a unique place, full of interesting shops, markets, and eateries. Never miss the Mill Street Brewery for dinner with your family. Having a sweet tooth, you should come to the Sweet Escape for desserts. Finally, if you want to buy something for pleasure, accessories and a new dress, go to the Corktown Designs.

The Distillery District Light Festival

  1. Never forget to visit China Town

China Town is the most exotic place in Toronto. This is one of the oldest city districts. You can explore this place, taste local food, and visit atmospheric shops. How about sushi pizza? This may be your favorite dish since now! Hundreds of markets, food and souvenir shops are waiting for you in China Town. You can hardly find a better place for buying souvenirs.

Of course, the list is not full. You can find many more places to visit, visiting Toronto for the very first time. This is how you know that Toronto is MUST VISIT city and you will never regret the waste of time.