Top 7 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars of 2020

Fuel-Efficient Cars

The automobile market has EV (Electric Vehicle) and hybrid variants in abundance, leaving buyers spoilt for choice. Buyers do not have to depend on a powerful battery or electric motor anymore because gas and diesel engines in modern cars are extremely efficient.

If you’re looking to buy anything other than an EV or hybrid and save money, we have compiled a list of top 6 fuel-efficient non-hybrid cars with engineering details, features (including car tracking device), and base prices.

According to the fuel estimates given by the EPA, all these automobile marvels have achieved over 17 km per liter. Let’s take a look at this list for the most fuel-efficient cars of the previous year.

1. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is one of the most cost-friendly options of 2019. It is also the most fuel-efficient car to opt for. With some recent updates made to the car, it performs brilliantly well on the road. The vehicle maintains its 15 km per liter in the city, 18 on the highway, and 16 combined range. It tops the list beating Chevrolet’s Cruze Diesel by almost 0.8 km per liter. The car comes packed with a 1.5-liter K15B petrol engine with 104 horsepower, and a DDiS225 diesel engine churning out 94 horsepower. The fuel-efficiency of the car can be measured by the fact that owners of this car spend only about 68,000 per year on fuel.

Base Price: Rs. 8.2 lakhs

2. Toyota Glanza

The Toyota Corolla Hatchback is a deviation from the typical lineup of five-door Toyota cars. This car has a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine with a variable transmission. The car runs for 18 km per liter in the city, 19 km per liter on the highway, and 15 km per liter combined. A Toyota Glanza Hatchback car owner would spend an average of 75,000 on fuel every year.

Base Price: Rs. 6.98 lakhs

3. Honda Civic Sedan

This 4-wheeled beauty by Honda is one of the most fuel-efficient cars in India. The 1.5-liter engine has a variable transmission. This car rides for 13 km per liter in the city, 17 km per liter on the highway, and 15 km combined. Car owners are expected to pay approximately 75,000 per year as fuel expenses.

Base Price: Rs. 17.7 lakhs

4. Jaguar XE Diesel

The Jaguar XE Diesel is the third most fuel-efficient car in India in 2019. It is powered by an engine with a capacity of 2-liters, which produces nearly 180 horsepower. The mileage range lies between 13 km per liter in the city, 17 on the highway, and 15 km per liter combined. The owners of Jag need to pay an average of 93,000 per annum on fuel.

Base Price: Rs. 44.98 lakhs

5. Toyota Yaris Sedan

The Yaris might look different from other cars on the list but it has a fuel-efficiency that matches most of the wheels here. It has a 1.5-liter engine that returns 13 km per liter in the city, 17 km per liter on the highway, and 14 km per liter combined. The 106 horsepower engine may cost about 75,000 to the car owners.

Base Price: Rs. 8.75 lakhs

6. Hyundai Elantra Eco

The entire Hyundai Elantra range ranks close to the toppers in this list for its fuel-efficiency. However, the showstopper in the range is Hyundai Elantra Eco. The 1.5-liter engine runs for a mileage of 13 km per liter in the city, 17 km on the highway, and 14 km per liter combined. The pocket pinch on annual fuel costs is nearly 75,000.

Base Price: Rs. 15.89 lakhs

(Please note: All the values are in approximate figures)


Since fuel costs are on the rise nearly every year, car owners or prospective buyers are looking for fuel-efficient vehicles that also have a vehicle monitoring system in place. These cars are some of the best fuel-efficient options that give buyers excellent mileage without burning a hole in the pocket.

If you’re looking for cars that run smoothly on the roads and are cost-effective in terms of fuel and engine maintenance, then it is advisable to choose a fuel-efficient car. These cars have higher longevity and durability than cars that drink fuel too much too fast.