Long Shipping Times? 4 Ways To Cinch up Shop For Your Customers

Long Shipping Times? 4 Ways To Cinch up Shop For Your Customers

Providing consumers with a timely delivery could set your business apart from other competitors and increase your customer base. Therefore, you need to find ways to shorten transit times without compromising the safety of the products or paying high transportation costs. Continue reading to learn how you can avoid long shipping times and keep a competitive advantage.

Long Shipping Times? 4 Ways To Cinch up Shop For Your Customers

Improve Warehouse Communication

Fast and effective communication with your warehouse is crucial to on-time delivery. It should only take only a few minutes or less to process orders and get them on the delivery truck. This is true, regardless if the goods are leaving from your warehouse or your supplier. Improving warehouse communication also helps management keep the building stocked, which can prevent orders from being delayed. When it comes to busy seasons, you should always speak to your warehouse managers directly (in-person or via telephone), as opposed to only using email communications.

Keep Transportation Vehicles Well Maintained

Oversized vehicles run daily, delivering goods to consumers and clients, or picking up office equipment and other essential supplies that keep your business running effectively. The wear and tear on the vehicles could lead to delays, which is never good for business. However, finding a reputable company that offers trailer repairs and other services could keep your oversized trucks well-maintained. A good repair company will provide a variety of services that your company can take advantage of, from smash and repairs to sign-writing and towing options.

Choose a Good Courier

If your business relies on carriers for a large portion of deliveries, those couriers should be reputable and dependable. Ask about the process for trailer repairs and replacements, to ensure that they have reliable backup plans in place to maintain good delivery speeds and security. The type of courier that you choose will often depend on the size and number of parcels you send out regularly, and your company’s budget.

Keep Customers Informed

There will be issues or slight delays from time-to-time, due to unforeseen incidents like traffic accidents or adverse weather conditions. In these instances, a delay cannot be prevented; therefore, you need to keep the customers informed at all times. Regular updates from the courier could ease a consumer’s mind, especially when they know that their packages are safe and on the way.

When it comes to satisfying customers and keeping your oversized vehicles repaired, you need to use the tips mentioned above. Creating a good delivery management process could reduce the amount of time your employees spend dealing with deliveries and increase production.