How to Find PERFECT RESTAURANT for Business Meeting in Atlanta!

Having a business meeting? Choosing the right location for your business lunch is very important for your partners and your business. The wrong place with depressed atmosphere always leads to stress, discomfort, and slow thinking. It would be also very awkward to make a right decision when everyone is talking and making noise. As a rule, crowdy places are not good for business lunches, especially when you have a team building meeting or brand presentation. By the way, check if there is a parking at the restaurant. Armada van rental in Atlanta will give the best 7-seater for you guests. You can pick them up from the airport and take to their hotel to refresh. 5 or 7-seaters are prefect for in-city transportation. Take your guest to the special place with a good menu and high service. Of course, nobody wants the restaurant thaty leaves your guests and business partners hungry and cranky.



Make invitations

It is important to make invitations for all your guests. Before inviting people, get know their food preferences. If you have a big day of presentation or team building meeting you can’t know everything about food preferences of each and every your guest. Therefore, stay neutral and go with a classic American cuisine.

Choose a good restaurant

It can happen that you know nothing about your guests’ preferences. Try not to choose exotic restaurants because not everyone loves them. It would be silly to bring your partner John to eat sushi and find out that he doesn’t like sushi at all and everything that is raw or vegetarian. Check steakhouse or bistro-type restaurants. They are good for business meetings. But before you click the ORDER button, try to read as many feedbacks about the restaurant as you can.

Do some preparations

It would be great if you visited this restaurant before. If not, try to visit this place and check the atmosphere, service, music. Find the best place to sit and look through the restaurant menu. By the way, check if there is a parking place at the restaurant. Do they accept credit cards?

Arrive early and transport your guests

It is needed to arrive at the restaurant at least 10 minutes before your guest come. You can wait them at the bar or at the table. Try to talk to your waiter before your guests arrive and let him know your meeting schedule and different instructions about food, drinks, coffee. Tell beforehand who will pay the bill and how much time you are going to spend with your business partners.

Waitress taking customers' orders


If you have to gather people for a team meeting, you should plan everything in the best way. Picking a good restaurant can be as easy as renting a car for your partners. It doesn’t take much time to book a table, but it always take some time to find a good worthy place to impress the boss and colleagues. Here are the restaurants you should check before anything else.


Go to Ford Fry’s Decatur restaurant! This is a perfect place for hosting large companies. The restaurant provides Italian cuisine. You will have more than 40 seats in your disposal. If you want some privacy, you can book a patio for a private cocktail party.


Welcome to the Bushwood Private Dining! Booking a table here, you can rest easy about your guests’ comfortable transportation. They can easily get to the restaurant as it is located close to I-75. This is one of the most popular meeting places in Atlanta’s Westside. There is a big parking garage so that your guests will arrive fast and leave the restaurant without any stoppages. Also, don’t worry about the rental car. The restaurant garage is a reliable secured place.



Do you want to invent an interesting challenge or even for your business team? Take them to Vino Venue. They often arrange a wine tasting for all guests. The restaurant works together with the Atlanta Wine School on creating special restaurant wine events. You will not only taste wine, but learn much about the wine history. It can be a nice competition for your colleagues to pair wine with meals. Teach them!


Are you looking for a good place for the company holiday party? Go to the Southbound! You can hardly find a better place for your big day in Atlanta. You can reserve some space in a private dining room if you need privacy and don’t want to dine in full view of everyone. The restaurant interior will impress your guests with antique chairs and old wooden tables. You need to think of something special to dress up for dinner.

Choosing a good place for business meeting, you have many nuances to consider. Of course, you have to check the menu, prices, parking spots available. Don’t forget about the restaurant service and entertaining program. Whatever happens, your guests’ comfort goes first.