10 Creative Ideas to Achieve a Simple Beach Wedding

Of all the many obvious reasons why couples prefer beach wedding over a traditional one, it is the ambiance that takes the number one spot.

Having the ocean as your background, natural lighting coming from the sun, and the sound of the waves crashing to the sand creates a perfect scene.

However, people tend to take a step back when they start to realize that planning a beach wedding can also take its toll on them, especially if the cost is the issue. But to achieve a simple beach wedding is not mainly a hard job.

Listed below are some creative ideas we’ve rounded up for couples out there who are planning their dream beach wedding:

1. Cove or Sheltered Beach Location 

One of the tricky things to plan and choose for a wedding ceremony is the location. Especially, if you are doing it outdoors, like that of a beach wedding.

Fortunately, there are venues that offer a sheltered area yet still have the same outcome.

Think about how your guests would feel to be under the sun for hours, or days which you couldn’t trust the weather and start to rain.

These are only some of the things that are beyond your control. Therefore, focus on the items which you can control ‒ and that is to find the right location.

2. Proper Wedding Dress

Since you have chosen for a beach wedding already, it is better to stay within the theme. Maybe, steer away from having full-blown gowns as outfits for you (or your bride) and your entourage.

It is the perfect way to save money on a wedding gown and a tux because the outdoor location would oblige you to wear something light.

Opt for some unusual dresses for wedding guests if you can, as it doubles as a decoration during the ceremony. The place will be full of bright colors and summer flowers.

3. Candy Rock Favors

Are you still thinking of what to have as wedding favors? Break the ice by giving candy rock favors to your guests.

It’s cute and simple. And if you want it personalized, you may easily do so.

4. Surfboard Ceremony Sign

Staying within your wedding theme is essential; hence, the reason your wedding decors should also be related to the ocean or the beach.

For your ceremony and directional signs, make use of a surfboard. It may be expensive, but there are older models that you can just redecorate, or maybe the venue has some pieces for rent.

Again, it’s a simple ensemble yet gives an additional wow factor for the guests. 

5. Limited Wedding Guest List

Reality check: When you plan a wedding, completing the guest list takes so much of your time. Especially when parents butt in. And then on the day of the ceremony, chances are half of the guests are not related nor acquainted with you and your partner.

Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate a wedding with guests who personally know you and share some good memories with you? So when you look back on an old photograph, you wouldn’t end up asking “who was this again?” 

Also, a beach wedding would require you to fly in most of your guests. And usually, people don’t appreciate a long trip just to attend one. Therefore, you end up having a more intimate and solemn ceremony. Not to mention the chunk of savings you could have as well.

6. A Different Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are special part of the event. However, as you add more and more layers on top, the price goes higher and higher as well.

A simple beach wedding would require you to have a simple type of wedding cake too. So opt for just maybe a 2-tier wedding cake and choose one that has a design that is something related to the beach or the ocean.

7. Wedding Invitations via Email

Save up on paper and on the cost of having printed invites too. Guests would only want to know the essential wedding details such as the venue, the date and time, and the dress code.

Fortunately, this information can quickly be sent online. And since people nowadays always stick to their phone, they can easily access the wedding invite anytime and anywhere.

There are online platforms where you can design the wedding e-invite that you can quickly send via email, making it easier for you to track who’s going and who’s not.

8. Beach-Themed Table Decor 

Opt for some corals, starfishes, or bottles with sand in them as table centerpieces. It makes the ambiance more in sync with your theme.

9. Groom’s Pin

Be creative by using seashells or corals as the groom’s pin to feel the beach vibe even more.

10. A Gorgeous Beach Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet should also be in sync with the wedding theme by choosing the right colors.

Use the ocean as your inspiration and choose blue and green. Or make use of fiddlehead ferns or palm leaves to achieve a cascading look of your bouquet.


Choosing a beach-themed wedding instead of the traditional one does not mean your ceremony is less than the others.

Looking at the bright side, literally, you actually have much more room to be creative as you can be. So forget those inhibitions, step out of your comfort zone, and start to plan your unique and lovely wedding soon.