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Summer is about to end and it’s the time to prepare for school. Binders, notebooks, and pencils all are ready, but what about the latest gadgets for your school? Here in this article, we share top gadgets that are a must for students of today. Whether it is the noise-canceling headphones or note-taking apps to digital textbooks and soda powered alarm clock the list we compiled here helps students ease their busy schedule, write papers, and study for exams and many more. All the items shown here are designed to be fun, affordable and practical.

Whether you are a simple caring parent, in middle school, high school or college these gadgets are a big help for you. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look on to them and pack your bags accordingly:

Noise-canceling headphones:

If you have these amazing headphones you don’t need to go to the library for finding some quiet and peace to complete your assignment.

Evernote smart notebook:

You can now have an upgrade version of this amazing notebook. Takes notes via paper and pen, and then easily translate it into digital with all the accessibility and organizational perks of the app known as Evernote.

To translate your paper to pixels, simple use the camera page of Evernote on the smartphone and take a good picture of your notes. You can then easily save these notes in the Evernote app and can access them anytime and also share it – believe me, you will be everyone’s favorite student once you start using it.

OtterBox phone charger:

If you are in college you must be well aware that how hectic is the life of a student. You don’t know when you have to run to another class or reach the library to complete your assignments. What? You forget to charge your phone due to all this chaos. Now, what will you do? Of course, you can’t keep your phone off for so long. Why not try this amazing gadget that not only doubles your battery life but also save you from all sorts of obstacles.

Heated travel mug:

You have your coffee mug in your hand, but then your friend called you from down and remind you that you are getting late from the class. What will you do? Of course, you leave your coffee on the table and rushed towards the college or burn your tongue. But now there is no need to do all this. Just take your precious coffee with you in a heated travel mug. Once you grab your seat in the class take your coffee out and enjoy it.


Charging backpack:

This is another amazing gadget for the students of today. This backpack comes with a complete set of 6 separate storage areas and three USB ports that are easily routable.

If you want to run with the time, then it is necessary that you must have all these gadgets with you. Check the list two or three times and tick the one you have. Don’t forget to complete the list before school starts.

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