Top Tips For Content Writing

Whether you’re writing a blog post or a landing page, content writing is a fine art that can be hard to master. Your audience is looking to be educated on a topic, so it’s important your content is to the point and free of any errors.

The experienced content writers at Adoni Media have compiled their top tips for how to write the best content.

Trust isn’t something that’s built overnight. Google is one of the most trusted search engines in the world, so if you can appear in the first page, you’re already halfway there. However, if the content on your website doesn’t engage people, they’ll quickly move onto the next result. If you’ve got a clean and user-friendly website that’s easily discoverable in a search engine, consumers will begin to trust your brand and be more likely to choose your business over a competitor. When your SEO is operating at its peak performance and your keywords and content are working together to push your page higher up in Google’s algorithms, you’ll find more organic traffic on your site.

Write an engaging headline

The headline of your content will be the first thing your audience reads. If it’s not engaging and doesn’t grab their attention, they won’t keep reading. But if the title of your article or advertisement turns heads, you can almost guarantee your audience will want to know more.

Know your topic

Your audience has visited your page because they want to be educated, so make sure you know what you’re writing about. This includes getting to the point quickly and avoiding ‘filler words’ that don’t really tell you anything important but are just there to make the article seem longer.

Write in an active voice, not passive voice

If you can master this trick of content writing, not only will your writing sound better, but it will also keep your audience engaged for longer.

In grammatical terms, active voice means the subject of the sentence should act upon its verb. For example, active voice is, “the girl was washing the car”, however, if you were to write the same thing in the passive voice, it would say “the car was being washed by the girl”. A common indicator you’re writing in active voice is if the verb ends in “ing”.

Watch your punctuation and grammar

This might seem like an obvious pointer, but spelling, punctuation, and grammar shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to content writing. If a reader spots an error in your writing, chances are they’ll stop seeing you as an expert on the topic and most likely stop reading.

If you’re wanting some extra pointers on how to improve your content writing, the content writers at Adoni Media have all the skills to ensure your business is presenting the best possible content for its audience.