Thinking of Getting an AR-15? Know Your Options for Customization

The AR-15 continues to be one of the most popular rifles in the country, and this versatile weapon is an excellent option for home defense and target practice. If you have recently decided to purchase an AR-15, then you might want to take a closer look at some of your options for customizing that weapon.


When it comes to choosing optics for AR-15s, there are a few different variables to consider. That includes the purpose of the rifle, the caliber that you will be using, and your own comfort. For home defense, you probably need to go with a zero magnification optic. That add-on will give you much better accuracy without compromising your peripheral vision. Larger optics are usually for range shooting and target practice, and you should try out a few different brands and magnification levels.


Before you purchase any type of grip system for your AR-15, you should carefully research your state’s laws. Many different types of grips can be added to an AR-15 rifle, but you need to take a close look at the laws if you want to keep the gun completely legal. Much like the optics, you might want to handle a few different grips before you make a decision. The grip should perfectly match the size of your hands and your personal style of shooting.


There are thousands of AR-15 skins to choose from, and those designs are made from quite a few materials. As a general rule, you need to stick to high-quality vinyl skins for all of your weapons. You should also make sure that the gun skin is correctly installed and perfectly fits your rifle. A cheap gun skin could potentially interfere with the rifle’s charging handle or some of the other moving components.

Carrying Cases

When you purchase AR-15 rifles online, they usually come with some type of fabric bag, but you will probably want to upgrade to a better case. Hard cases are an ideal option for those who plan on storing their rifles where they might get jostled around. As an added bonus, you can also attach a lock to your hard case in order to limit access to the rifle. A dedicated individual will eventually be able to break into the case, but that process is going to require time and tools.

In addition to these few add-ons, you should also invest in a high-quality trigger lock or gun safe. One of those devices will give you peace of mind when you aren’t around your rifle.